Drawing in pen

Drawing in pen

Very impressive. Fantastic style and you make it look so easy!

Lovely video. I have never held a pen in that way, will now go away and play with my pens. Music just right.

very interesting ,,if you study James fletch watson his preliminary drawing was done in this way but not as loose as this .he used a multiple pencil line..check his venice paintings and look close ..,it is very effective

Lovely, loose just as it should be . Great observation.

Absolutely fascinating ! I thoroughly enjoyed your video. Like Margaret, I'm inspired to have a go! It was interesting to see that your paper seemed to be quite high up on the wall. I always use a flat surface but I imagine that your way gives you a better overall view of what you're doing. You see, I've picked up on new ways to work because of your video! Thanks, it was excellent! Louise

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Tim Fisher demonstrates his approach of drawing with ink without any preliminary pencilwork. Tim calls this method 'loose accuracy'

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