View From My Dog Walking - The New Post Box

View From My Dog Walking - The New Post Box

This box stands out against the pastel shades of the bricks Thea. Great job

Thank you Chris - very kind of you. I actually think the colours in this sketch look a bit psychedelic in the gallery image, compared to the original, but that's photography for you. I much prefer the other post box but at least this one is practical and a little GPO chap turns up occasionally to empty it. All very relaxed in our village.

Hi Thea - I've just been looking through all your recent pen and wash/pen and painting pictures - they are really lovely - so lively and colourful and really inspirational - reminded me that I should really try and make more time for sketching and painting! Heather

Thank you very much, Heather, for those very kind words. Don't think that I am an 'urban' or even 'countryside' sketcher as I have done shamefully little in fact. I think I am probably the one who needs to get out more!

Ah, a newer one but still nicer than the big post box at the corner of our road (emptied every day at regular time!) Very attractive brickwork here.

It is funny, Louise, but now that I see these two boxes side by side, it is obvious that some of our modern styles really lack that certain something. I am not into antiques or anything but one can't help loving the old box better than this one - it doesn't seem to have so much soul.

Yes my vote goes to the Victorian one too much more style and grace in my book but at least you've managed to make this one look very attractive!

Another lovely piece - the linework really makes the painting sing. Beautifully done, Thea!

Great to see the new modern version of the post box Thea, of course it doesn't have the lovely traditional look of the older Victorian version

Thank you very much Ros, Seok and Debs. I agree the modern version lacks the soul of the Victorian one and it took a painting to really show me that.

Hang on Studio Wall

More dog walking views - this is the new post box which replaced the old Victorian one. I pass both these boxes when I take Milly out for her walk and the other day I stopped and did a quick sketch of them both and then added some colour when I got home. I have to say I prefer the Victorian post box. Pen and wash in my sketch book.

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