Cape Neddick Lighthouse, Maine

Cape Neddick Lighthouse, Maine

A beautifully finished piece, Thea! Love the light breezy atmosphere and the rocks are very well done - suggested with just the right level of detail so it doesn't detract from the lighthouse.

A proper work in deed Thea. It is just smashing.

Lovely tranquil work Thea, your own style is easily recognisable.

Lovely sunny day you've painted here Thea. I really like the lighthouse, shadows and the flag fluttering in the wind. The colours merging on those rocks is perfect. A clever composition as well as the grass running into the white area of sky forms a nice diagonal shape running through the painting. ie, my eye runs from corner to corner. Super painting all round!

Thank you very much Seok, Derek, Stephen and Louise for such super encouragement. I have to admit that weirdly I felt rather shaky about doing a painting that wasn't pen and wash because I haven't done one for several weeks and it is funny how out of the loop you get, so I am all the more appreciative of your comments.

The others have said it so well Thea and I agree wholeheartedly! It's always a pleasure to see your watercolours and pen and wash paintings!!

One of my favourite subjects too! And you always make them so colourful ....... a lovely adition.

Thank you very much Satu and Avril - really kind of you to leave such lovely comments.

There is no mistaking whose painting this is Thea and as always it's fresh, colourful and beautifully executed.

Thank you, Christine, for that really nice comment. I am coming to the conclusion that style is a bit like your handwriting. or even your fingerprint- very personal and unique to that person. I think this is why you can't emulate another artist's style, however much you admire them, as it never looks right or authentic. It has taken a while for this to dawn on me, but although I am so often dissatisfied with what I produce, I am beginning to accept that the way I paint is the way I paint (if you see what I mean) and nothing much is going to change that. I think you can learn and move on, but nothing seems to change the basic fingerprint of an individual's work. Do you agree?

Oh those lazy, hazy days of Summer! you've captured them perfectly in this joyful painting.

Yours to a T Thea! Love your lighthouses, so fresh and full of the seaside atmosphere.

I do agree and this has your unique crisp and clean style. It's lovely!

Thank you very much Debs, Carole and Gudrun for your lovely comments. I do love a lighthouse!

Airy and sunny Thea! I particularly like how you have painted the rocks! You have a lovely style, crisp and clear but also very interesting.

Thank you very much, Sarah - glad you like the rocks. They were a challenge, but I had a bit of fun splashing all the different colours on and hoping for the best!

Beautiful - your paintings have that 'feel good' factor! I always look forward to seeing a new one.

love this Thea, I have been busy all year being president of the bowling club, but it is nice being back painting and thank you for your kind remarks on my irises x

Thea, thank you for suggesting I enter one of my paintings for the Jean Haines Hot Red Competition, wasn't going to but my daughter suggested that I should too, so I did and I am pleased to say it was picked as one of the five winners. Thank you. A very Happy Christmas to you.

You do lovely painting thea

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It a quite a while since I have done a 'proper' painting, so to get me going again I turned to one of my favourite subjects - lighthouses. I also really liked the tumbling rocks in the foreground, although they were a challenge for me as I am not good at painting that sort of landscape feature. Watercolour on Fabriano Artistico Extra White 300lbs.

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