But by now Thea you must know tis in my very nature to take an opposite stance. I like the contrast in this lovely bold sunflower . But then they really are one of my favourites. Great colours and nicely painted.

Gorgeous colours Thea and where the light catches the vase is perfect.

Thank you very much Sylvia and Louise. Sylvia I know that your take on painting is often at polar opposites to mine, but isn't that a great thing as it adds so much diversity to what is posted and views expressed. What a dreadful world it would be if we all thought and did the same thing! Vive la difference!! Thank you both very much for expressing positive feedback on my flowers - much appreciated.

Fantastic still life Thea, love your work

love this still life Thea especially like flowers

Lovely fresh painting in your own inimitable style Thea.

Thank you Petra, Sandy and Christine for your lovely comments.

Like Louise I think the shadows in the jug are lovely!

The light on the jug is perfect and the flowers are bold and beautiful!

Love the way the blue at the base of the vase melts into the vase and its support without looking, as it easily might have, like a vague smudge. I suppose, now you point it out, that the big sunflower is both dominant, which isn't really a problem, and central - which may be. But until I read your text, I don't think I'd really picked up on that .... no, I like it just as it is, with all the fusing and melding of rich colours. I've always found flower painting difficult, and have also avoided doing it - so admire anyone who can paint them convincingly. I think you might have inspired me to have a go, too!

Weel, like Robert says, I didn't find the sunflower a problem at all. It's all beautifully painted. The jug is fab. I love the handle and the how it shapes away.

Have to agree with your friend Thea, the sunflower makes a lovely light, airy bunch of flowers look a bit heavy. Having said that, it is a beautiful sketch and I love the shading on the vase.

It is a beautiful picture, Thea.

A wonderful collection of colour and techniques Thea. Love the bleed of colour and the shadow on the jug.....excellent!

Hi Thea i love this one i think it is one of your best. The colours are not too bright at all . Well done Thea lovely and delicate i think.

I'm gobsmacked by this one Thea. The flowers are beautifully painted and I love how the hard edge shadow on the jug becomes a soft edge further down. I think the background is superb also. Really really well done - best painting I've seen you do in my opinion.

Thank you Debs, Sarah, Gudrun, Robert, Frank, Shirley, Fiona, Dennis and Joseph for you very generous comments. I am quite overcome as I thought I hadn't really pulled this one off as well as I wanted to, so you have all cheered me up no end. One thing I did differently with this painting was to do it standing up at my easel rather than sitting. I wanted to see if doing it that way freed up your arm and it does so I shall try this again on this type of painting where precision isn't the name of the game.

I think that you are your own best critic. Sunflowers have such a strong shape and structure that I don't think that any of us could get it as we would like at first attempt. As a contrast, I'd be inclined to ditch or suppress the other flowers and make the sunflower dominant and losing the precision is a good idea as long as you didn't lose the sunflower. I like your work so am looking forward to the next!

Love the flowers in vase, fresh, delicate and beautiful!

Thank you very much Roger and Kate for your very encouraging comments. Thanks for all the observations Roger - I find this sort of feedback very useful and am always grateful for it. I am not sure what I am doing next as I never have a plan but but do whatever the mood takes me (apart from that, the sunflowers have died now!!).

This is a real eye-catcher, Thea. They said it all, so I just can agree with the above comments. Maybe I would have put the sunflower a little bit more out of the centre because the dark brown is taking the attention away from the rest of the beautiful bouquet. But that is my opinion and I certainly couldn't have painted it better.

Such an apt title for this Thea especially the way you've captured the sun on the side of the jug.

Out of town and missed this first time round. Particularly like the jug, CR would be proud of you! As to your doubts about the composition - personally I think the sunflower is wonderfully bold and in your face, only suggestion I would have is to include more assymetrical verticals behind it. But only a thought, its lovely as it is.

This is absolutely superb, Thea! There;s nothing wrong with having a dominant flower that draws the eye into the painting and holds the viewer's attention. And the colors are not at all psychedelic. They hold together very well as a whole.

Hi Thea, the colours look natural enough to me. It's a beautiful painting. I find flowers in general notoriously difficult to paint, but you really show how it's done.

Posted by Ian Fair on Mon 15 Dec 22:21:06

Thea I am so sorry to hear about your brother's death, it must have been a terrible shock for you and your family. Is he the artist I seem to remember you mentioning at one time? Please do not ever think that I would think you rude for not commenting, none of us are on this site all the time. My thoughts prayers and sincere condolences are with you Thea at this very sad time. I have left this here as well as on your comment on 'Apple Blossom' to me Thea so that I know you will see my message. Please take care, love Carole.

Thea, I have just opened your email......I'm so sorry to hear your very sad news. I hope the coming days and weeks are as painless as possible for yourself and your family. I pick up from your comments on some of your paintings that you have a wonderfully close family, so will feel the loss even more. I hope you will return to the gallery when you feel strong and able to do so, and I hope you will know that we will be here to support you when you do. Take your time and use your art to channel your grief, it may help to bridge your loss....just a little. I lost an elder brother eight years ago, and still miss him dearly, which is right, because us girls love our brothers. My very best wishes and condolences.

Hang on Studio Wall

I bought this rather lurid bunch of flowers last week and a bit strapped for something to paint, I had a go at them. I think that the centre flower is rather too dominant (agree with a friend who pointed this out) but then sunflowers are terribly 'in your face' flowers, aren't they? The flowers are also in difficult colours for me - I don't use oranges and bright yellow much, so those flowers look a bit pyschedelic to me. Watercolour on Fabriano Artistico.

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