When I Grow Up........

When I Grow Up........

A great little watercolour Thea and I love the humour you have brought to it. Lovely blends of colour as always.

May I caution you, Thea, against self-deprecation: people are so very likely to take one at one's own estimation, even if one didn't really mean it..... Always to be avoided. Lovely painting,your trademark touches of broken colour and liquid washes contrasting in this case with the solid form of the fishing boats.

Very good, happy and colourful painting Thea, just what we need in this cold spell. I think Robert has a good point, we can over do the British modesty thing, perhaps learn from the confident American approach (exept for the guns of course)!

Thank you so much Carole, Robert and Stephen for stopping by to give such positive feedback, which is much appreciated. Robert and Stephen, as regards British modesty or self-deprecation, I would hate anyone to think that I was indulging in false modesty. In actual fact, I am not known for my modesty in other areas of my life as those who know me well would testify, but somehow, when it comes to my painting, this confidence deserts me. I have done the odd painting that I look at and it answers back to me saying, yes - you've done it, but these are rare and the rest are accompanied by a feeling of almost unease that what I was wanting to achieve has remained elusive. However, I will take your advice and I will gird my loins and try to be more positive and upbeat about what I produce in future - your never know, I might even begin to believe my own press!

Well done Thea, there are certainly no bullet holes in your foot ( just read your blog). I like your blustery sky and your proud colourful boats but I must admit to missing your "Thea splatters" a bit in the foreground. I can understand why you decided against them though so I don't mean this as a criticism of your painting just a personal observation.

Thank you very much, Val, for your lovely feedback which you know how much I value. The splatters are a bit of a tricky area for me at the moment as over 2012, my style seemed to have been changing with the splatters and spots becoming less of a feature of my paintings. I am not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. I am intended to talk a bit about changing styles in my blog in the next few days as I have been mulling over whether I should try and return to my roots and the splatters or just let my style develop, even if it means tidier looking painting? Even with a tidying up of style I have continued to use splatters in my flower paintings - not sure why those ones in particular, but it just seems to be the right thing to do and I have a flower painting in the pipeline so you may not have to wait too long for the return of the splatters!

This is absolutely lovely Thea, the colours of the boats are perfect against the barely there way you have handled the beach and sea, the two tyres are perfect as well just enough to finish off the beach, your description was interesting as well that people who have read your blog might have been expecting a masterpiece, from the comments above you must be realising that you have probably provided exactly that here without even realising it!

A delightful painting, Thea, in your usual, unmistakeable style. As for the splatters, I think that the answer is to use them when they contribute to the effect you are trying to achieve. When they don't contribute, they will detract. As for deliberately tidying up - don't do it! I remember, many many years ago when I was at school a teacher saying to me that my handwriting was getting a bit scruffy and suggested that I tidy it up. So I did. He then stared at my next essay for some time before saying that my handwriting had lost it's character! Lesson learned! I returned to the norm.

Thank you very much Ros P for such a positive, kind and very flattering comment - my confidence has taken a sudden rise! Lionel thank you for your thoughtful and very kind comment. I totally agree with you that the splatters can't be deliberately added as they look best when they have been an integral part of the painting process. I don't say that I have been deliberately tidying up my paintings, but more that they seem to have taken a turn in that direction. I actually prefer my paintings to look messier but I think there is an internal battle going on in me at the moment and not sure which one side is going to win. My challenge for 2013 I think!

Thea, I know you are a fan of Charles Reid but to me a lot of his paintings are just too messy and, dare I say it, verging on the scruffy. That is why I like the splatters on your paintings so much as you seem to know when enough is enough, and they add life not "scruff" LOL, so follow your instincts they are usually right.

I am actually going on a week's course with my beloved Charles in May this year - really excited about it as he doesn't come to the UK that often. I shan't tell him that you think his work is scruffy lol! Seriously though, I do know what you mean about his work, but in a way that is what I would like my paintings to look like but I don't seem to have it in me. I think my 'cushion plumping' nature gets in the way too much to be really messy. Thank you for the kind words about my splatters - perhaps I am just not as brave at Charles Reid in executing these, but if you think what I do looks ok, then I am happy.

I can see now, having had it pointed out by others, a hint of Charles Reid's style in your work. No bad thing as I am a great admirer of his watercolours. Going back to the modesty thing, of course we do need to be critical of our own work or progress, as that enables us to grow, it's a difficult balance.

A lovely bright, fresh and jaunty painting Thea!

Hi Thea, sorry I can't comment on your blog, as I'm having problems trying to log on to it - the computer says No! lol but can't think for the life of me why you would think anyone would be disappointed with this little gem - it's a breath of 'salty' fresh air!

Congrats Thea - it's all been said - delightful.

Yes, Stephen, Charles Reid has been a big influence on my painting and I really admire his maverick way with watercolour. I am glad you like his work. I don't suppose I will produce anything of note on his course, as I never seem to when I paint within a group of people, but the sheer joy of watching him paint will be enough for me. Christine, Debs and Michael - thank you for your lovely comments - really kind of you to take a look and leave some feedback. Debs, it takes ages for the blog page to load for some strange reason., far longer than the forum or gallery pages although they can be painfully slow at times. I sit and wait and wait and think it isn't going to appear but it does in the end. Perhaps that's the problem you are seeing?

great technique and treatment Thea, fresh image, super

Hi Thea, lovely painting, I find it amazing that you are producing the detail with the loosness of brush work. I checked out your inspirational artist Charles Ried. Although I greatly admire his work, I find it very hard to achieve this style, my mind just doesn't seem to allow it. I have also read your blog and completely understand your deleamer.

Good to see you back in your inimitable familar style Thea. Lovely. If I can put my oar in the 'spatter pond', I find it a very useful device (I'd hestitate to call it 'technique'!) for bleeding edges out - spatter and dab. Obviously some of the drops evade the following brushstroke, and these are really the only ones I leave behind (also because I can't remove them by then). Frankly I'm a tidy person but a messy painter: is this significant I wonder?

I have enjoyed reading your blog on the progress of your painting and I have to say, Thea, you do underestimate yourself. This new painting is lovely. I am beginning to recognise your work - you have a style of your own, beautifully orchestrated both in subject & colour. Truly lovely. Kate

Thank you very much Brian, Peter, Kim and Kate for such interesting and valued feedback. Peter, I find Charles Reid's style ok to do in one way, but fiendishly difficult in another way as like you, my mind wants to tidy up too much. It is a dilemma for sure and I am hoping when I go on the course with him that I will be able to resolve some of my problems. Kim, I agree about the spattering - it has to be spontaneous and part of the painting process rather than something added later. I wish I had your skill with watercolour, and spattering for that matter, and always study your paintings with great interest to try to learn from them. Kate, as you get to know me on The Art Room you will learn that I am a devil from putting myself down and not believing in myself. I am going to work on this in 2013 and perhaps my seeing how well you have presented my work on your wonderful website might just make all the difference!

Lovely to see another of your stylish and "clean" paintings!! As for the the rest, as my husband says, "Just do it. It's only a piece of paper, and you can always get another out if it doesn't work!".

Thank you Gudrun for adding such a nice comment. I know that people say it is only a piece of paper but I can't seem to be that relaxed about it. Once I start a painting, I want it to succeed.... wish I could chill out a bit more but I don't think it is in my nature. The tortured artist, perhaps lol!

... like that sketch earlier on in the gallery of the artist flinging paint ...! I also like not to waste paper ... hence the comment from my husband!

I'm catching up with the gallery Thea. I do like the lovely strong colour you have used and how the tyres pop out of your painting. As usual this is up to your very high standard ( I know that you don't believe it, I don't know why?) and full of charm.

A good, solid feel to these boats Thea. I like the composition with the almost mirror image of the small boat against the large one with the colours reversed! Good title as always!

I see that you are still very busy painting Thea! And what wonderful work you are doing in Watercolour! I love these boats, could not be better!

Thank you Sarah, Louise and Beatrice for such nice comments. Very nice to see you back on the gallery, Beatrice.

Yet another lovely painting, have been following your painting journey with interest for some time but the first time I have posted a comment. I would like to read your blog too, but I can't seem to find you?! Can you help? Thanks!

Thank you, Lisa, for your lovely comment and I am also very flattered that you have taken an interest in my paintings - quite bowled over to learn that! My blog is called 'Watercolour Journey'. I have emailed Dawn to ask if we could have an alphabetical list of artists with the name of their blog beside it to make it easier for people to find individual blogs. At the moment is is almost impossible unless the blog is in the latest posting list or you fancy ploughing through the every blog on the site. I have tried to chart the ups and down of my painting journey on my blog as I am sure I can't be the only one tearing my hair out on occasion so I thought it might strike a cord in others. Look forward to hearing what you think of it.

"Stunning" seems to be the word that keeps coming to mind whenever one of your paintings pops up, Thea. This is no exception. A truly superb piece.

Seok, I am sure you are being far too generous, but I really appreciate those kind words - thank you so much.

Love this Thea, it has such a fresh feeling with beautiful easy washes and looks such fun. The way you have applied the paint and the lovely clean colours reminds me of some of Charles Reid's marine watercolours.

Hang on Studio Wall

I wanted to paint these boats as it amused me to see such a tiny fishing boat next door to such a huge one - sort of father and son scenario - hence the title. This is the first 'proper' painting I have done in a while as I have been messing about with pen and wash and other things. I have been charting the rather slow progress of this painting in my new blog 'Watercolour Journey' but I am now thinking that this might have been rather to brave a move as those who may have read my blog might be expecting to see a masterpiece when it is posted. Sorry to disappoint, but this is the best I have been able to come up with. Watercolour on Langton 300lbs - size 40cm x 31cm.

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