Happisburgh Lighthouse

Happisburgh Lighthouse

It's always a pleasure to see your lovely style of painting on the site Thea. You should always paint the subjects that you're happy with as your enthusiasm for the subject always shines through! The bright red does indeed lift the image and I like the sky drifting off the top of the paper.

A lovely interpretation of this grand lighthouse. Stayed in a caravan near to this lighthouse once and had a lovely time. I'm surprised its still standing as they have a big problem with coastline erosion there.

Another gem Thea, never tire of the lighthouses, beautifully painted.

This works for me, Thea - the composition is lovely and the cheery red is eye catching. I like the furrows leading the eye to the centre of attention, and I hope this has set you back on track after your time away.

Thank you so much Louise, Chris, Glennis and Jane for your nice compliments - always cheers one up when you are never sure if a painting has worked. Chris, this was taken from a photo my husband took years ago (we used to have a holiday house on the North Norfolk coast and spent a lot of time there) and I don't think erosion was as bad as it is now, although I know they have had some dreadful floods along that coast. It is such an impressive lighthouse - the biggest I have seen in this country - you can see it for miles.

Great watercolour Thea, great subject and beautifully painted

Thank you, Petra, I am very grateful for your continuing support and feedback.

I was just thinking as I saw the thumbnail, "Oh good, she;s done another lighthouse!", so no apologies are necessary at all, Thea, I really enjoy your lighthouse paintings. Always cheery, with lovely, clear washes, and this is no exception. It's really beautiful..

So bright, fresh and cheerful. Perfectly painted, and always a pleasure to look at :)

I love lighthouses Thea so never tire of them. This is very good too. I would like to live in one!

Another great watercolour, love lighthouses too and the red adds a touch of the dramatic, super work!

Thank you very much Seok, Sarah, Carole and Debs for having a look and leaving such positive comments - the support you give means a lot to me.

It's all been said Thea, I can only echo all the above comments.... and add......love it!!

Thank you very much, Fiona, glad you like the painting. Thank you for your very kind comment. I have to tell (as you are so good at them) you that I have just done the second pen and wash I have ever done - might even get up the courage to post it as long as it doesn't totally destroy my street cred lol!

I've got a couple of lighthouse paintings - but no red! The St Catherine's Lighthouse on the Isle of Wight is an all white building... keep meaning to paint it again. But I'd like a bit of red, so maybe the Needles Light will be better - I have something to live up to, though: not at all sure I could paint it this well, especially in watercolour (so I'll cheat, and use acrylic!). I never tire of lighthouses - have you ever looked at Roger Bansemer's paintings of US lighthouses (sorry if I've asked before, the old memory not what it was..): he's painted a whole series of them. Worth a look, at bansemer.com.

Thank you very much Jenny and Robert for stopping by and leaving me some feedback - I really appreciate your doing this. Robert, will definitely have a look at Roger Bansemer's work (is he an American watercolourist?). To me there are a few shapes that are very satisfying, lighthouses being one, boats another and I love the shape of ducks, but have never painted one. There's a thought for a new subject......

Everybody has said it already and well up to your normal very high standard Thea. Looking forward to your next painting of a duck, you can't get out of it now LOL

Thank you very much, Val, for such a nice comment. Blimey - what have I let myself in for - a duck - help, I am definitely no animal artist but watch this space!

One of my favourite subjects too. Your use of colour letting the paper do a lot of the work !! gives a superb result....

Lovely unique handling of the light house.Well Done.

I see nothing wrong in revisiting a subject, especially when it is as beautiful as this. Looking forward to the duck! No pressure!

Thank you so much Avril, David and Christine for your positive feedback, which is lovely to receive. Oh - don't remind me of the ducks - I am so rubbish at animals in general, but I suppose I will have to try now. I've got my camera out and intend to chase the flocks of Canada geese that are flying all around here in preparation of migrating - hopefully get a good photo of one. Wish I'd kept my mouth shut now lol!

A lovely watercolour again Thea!

Thank you very much, Satu, you are very kind.

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Sorry - another lighthouse! I'm still working on getting going again after a bit of a down period, so have gone back to a subject which always inspires me. There is something infinitely satisfying about the shape of a lighthouse I find - also the rich red colour never fails to excite me. I have painted Happisburgh twice before but this time chose a different angle and a much more close-up and detailed view, which I hope works. Watercolour on Langton 200lbs, 31cm x 39cm.

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