A Guess Who One Liner - first one for the new site!

A Guess Who One Liner - first one for the new site!

Well done for getting the hang of posting Thea! I haven't even tried it yet, logging on for the first time in at least a month, I wondered what had happened to POL! I guess it's Ken Dodd, (this expression is probably how I looked when I first logged on) it's the teeth and feather dusters that gave him away.

I did this one a while back and thought it was pants, so didn't post it. I used it today as my guinea pig to work out what happened to paintings when you posted them. It went straight into my portfolio rather than appearing on the gallery front page - so can I ask how you found it? I agree that it rather does portray how I am feeling today trying to understand how the site has changed and how to navigate around it. Thank you for finding it and adding a comment as I now feel slightly more at home!

It took me some time to find this Thea. Hopefully new postings will appear on the front page of the gallery otherwise no one will see them and they'll be no point in posting. Hopefully things will improve and that feeling of being among friends will return. This is obviously Ken and he's brilliantly painted! A decent size image as well once I found it... which is one good thing about the new site! (This comment box is a little small though!!)

Thank you, Louise, for your kind comment. I also hope that all new work will be displayed in the order in which it is posted on the front page of the gallery. I do hope it isn't going to be a random selection of new work displayed as that would mean that some people would miss out and I don't suppose they would be happy about that. Posting on POL and getting comments has been a great motivator and inspiration to me in my painting and I would feel the loss if that had now gone. Hopefully not and it is just teething troubles.

Yes, I was also thinking how good all the pictures look now! Yes, this describes the frustrations and out of comfort zone moments well!! Excellent.

I agree Thea. The site is an inspiration to me and I worry that if I don't get the hang of it I might not paint nearly as much as I do now. Painting for me is fun. I enjoy the challenges here and feeling of being among like minded friends. I now worry that the community spirit which we all enjoyed might be lost. Part of the fun was seeing the very latest postings which we're not seeing at present, just a random selection. Also, I repeat, this comment box is too small, I have to scroll backwards and forwards to see what I've written. I might have to use that well worn phrase 'lovely work' (just the two words) in future which will fit in this tidgy comment box..lol

I think I have inadvertently posted an image of how a lot of us are feeling today, lol! I agree that the images do look better and are larger and sharper - a plus!! As for the comment box, I am betting that it is an easy matter for a very clever techie chap to make it bigger so that you can read what you have written more easily. All together now - can we please have a bigger comment box?

Ah! there you are and there's Ken with his tickling sticks! I think at the moment you have to look up the artist you like to see if they've posted anything? That is a shame for people new to the site because if you don't see their postings you couldn't comment. I'm sure it will all be resolved. I do like the clear images and the more modern feel though. Presumably if you 'follow' someone you will be notified when they post a painting. I'll try it out.

Thank you Christine for finding my painting!! I thought it had been lorst and gorn forever when I loaded it and it disappeared into my portfolio. I have tried searching for a name of an artist and it comes up with nothing so how did you find me?? Gudrun also found me, so I wonder how she did that?

I have started a LONG list of 'artist's to follow' on my accounts page which is how I spotted your new listing, but if that's the only way of knowing someone has posted recently, it means visiting everyones portfolio....DAILY.... I haven't got the time to do that so I'm going to miss out on some great art, and so it follows, there will be very few comments on paintings......me thinks. I like the new site very much, other than that.

Hi Thea, I looked you up in the Artist Community option and typed in your name and like magic there you were! I wouldn't have known you'd posted anything though if I hadn't seen iyour post on the forum. I've ticked the 'following! option too so you should have at least one follower!

I went onto Artists Community and put my name in and nothing came up? I also went into My Account and clicked on Artists I am Following and I couldn't see how to follow anyone. Help????

Looks fantastic in the new format Thea

Love it Thea, so like him and his tickling sticks.

Ahh unmistakable, our Diddey man Ken my favorite comedian, good one Thea

I have no idea who he is Thea, but it's freakishly lovely.

I found you in the Artists search box In Art Community section. Look underneath and your name will be there!

Hi Thea I guessed it was your painting without seeing your name glad we are all getting back to normal now . this was easy Ken Dodd I think hes a great comedian .

Hi Thea I guessed it was your painting without seeing your name glad we are all getting back to normal now . this was easy Ken Dodd I think hes a great comedian .

Thank you all so much for finding my painting and commenting on it. It was lovely to see old friends' names pop up on the comments here as I had been feeling rather cast adrift and worried that the close community feel of the site might have been lost. However, feel more reassured that we can get back to normal now. And yes, it is definitely Diddy Dodd. As I said in the beginning, I did this one a few weeks ago and thought it was a bit rubbish but I needed a new painting to post on the new site to test out how to load a painting and also check where it ended up - so Diddy it had to be. However, when I looked at it on the site, I had to laugh because I felt Ken's expression and hair rather summed up how a lot of us were feeling today as we wrestled with all the new formats!

Dear old Ken! What a man, loved his humour and really like this too! He is bursting with his effervescent humour Thea! I'm enjoying the new site now :)

Thank you, Sarah, he is rather fun isn't he!

Ken Dodd of course, We saw him in concert once and was one of the funniest nights I can remember. Great job.

Thank you, Fred, very kind of you to leave a comment. I thought Doddy was hilarious - not sure why as he his material could be a bit dated, but he just had funny bones, didn't he?

Doddy! Just found you on this new site Thea. I am moving house shortly, so I may be out of things for a while.Keep up the good work til I find you again!

This is fabulously fun, Thea! Love that wonderful colorful palette and the crazy hair! You&#39;ve captured Ken perfectly!<br />

Lots of fun! I searched for your porfolio with no luck! So have been going through all the gallery pages........ I am now following you so hopefully won&#39;t miss any postings. (I sound like a stalker!)

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