Blue Pottery and Nectarines - One Liner

Blue Pottery and Nectarines - One Liner

So clean crisps an excellent one Thea

Worked well but as you say has it added much. I think it would have still been a delightful study done conventionally . Lovely and colourful.

Personally I don't think the technique has added much,[ I shall probably now be shot down in flames by other Gallery members ! lol ] It's good but then your still lifes always were, where I think it has worked is that it has now given you the confidence to be a lot bolder with your colours, they are brighter and richer and 'glow-ier' how I wish that was a word, sounds so nice. Anyway extremely well done on your palette, and can't wait to see what the new challenge is!

Really well done Thea. Glow-ier indeed, and Threedee-esque ( from 3D! ) The fruit has made me hungry!

Posted by Ian Fair on Sun 25 Jan 16:58:26

Very obviously yours Thea, a lovely colourful painting! I wouldn't have realised it was a one-liner if you hadn't said, it's delightful. Looking forward the the new challenge too!

Recognised at once as yours Thea....pure watercolour! Bright, crisp and clean.

Smashing oneliner Thea, the technique giving the still life a slightly quirky feel. I found myself looking closely and following the line from start to finish. However, it hasn't worked a well as the portraits because there's not a lot of personality to be found in a still life arrangement as in a portrait of someone is there?! The portraits just ooze personality and character. It's very good though in it's arrangement and colour. The fruit positively glows! I actually agree with Debs, the oneline experiment has given you confidence which is evident here. I think you probably enjoyed doing this one. A happy oneliner still life!

Thank you very much Dennis, Sylvia, Debs (glow-ier is going to be my new word!), Ian, Christine, Miachel, Fiona and Louise for your kind comments. This was a semi blind pen drawing and I actually found it really tricky, moving from one shape to another and keeping the line continuous. It looked a lot quirkier before it was painted. As soon as I put the washes on, it started to look like lots of other still life ones I have done. Perhaps I should have left it as a drawing?

Very nice Thea your a dab hand at these one liners . Mind you i think you were the original creator of this technique. Well done Thea

Thanks, Dennis - yes, for my sins, I did dream this one up. It has been a lot of fun though and it has taken me places I wouldn't have gone without this technique.

It's lovely work, Thea. Clean and fresh, with a gorgeous palette. Superb!

I very much agree with Debs and Louise and they have said it so well. I love this still life because of all the above mentioned things and will also try to do one. Can't wait for the next challenge!!

Lovely juicy colours Thea, great one-liner, makes my mouth water!

LOL, you are a tease mentioning a new challenge. Many will be waiting, brushes at the ready...

Thank you very much Seok, Satu and Carole - you are very kind. Ah, Louise - I am racking up the anticipation by making you wait! Actually, the truth is that I have been rushed off my feet with various issues at the moment and I haven't got around to trying the new challenge myself. I am on the case though, so watch this space. P.S. You might not like the challenge - it is very different to the one-liners and a lot more personal.

Lovely work Thea - you make it look so easy.

Lovely clean colours Thea. Fresh looking and bright. Love it!

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I thought I would have a go at a still life one liner so see if doing it that way added anything to the party. I am not sure it does, although drawing the objects as a semi-blind one liner was an exercise in itself and one which I enjoyed. I might experiment some more with different subjects - say a landscape. I do have a challenge up my sleeve, but want to try it out myself first!

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