Guess Who - Famous Faces in Art Challenge

Guess Who - Famous Faces in Art Challenge

You've captured the enigmatic smile Thea. Maybe you can reveal what it is she finds so amusing!?

You've forgotten the moustache Thea.

Thank you very much Russell - very kind of you. Actually, I've always thought that the Mona Lisa just looks constipated and if she is wondering where the nearest branch of Boots is so that she can buy some Imodium!

Thank you very much Marjorie. Decided against the moustache (lol), although there have been some very funny version done of her to date.

Great one of Margaret Thatcher (joking) given the brisk handling of this the hands are very good

Is it Leonardo de vinci haha no its great and there's no mistaking who this is , well done Thea love it .

Superb Thea the colours and drawing is great

Well done Thea and welcome to the club!! Excellent one liner and a nice take on a famous face!!

Thank you very much David, Dennis, Debs and Dennis for your great comments.

Well that's turned out really well Thea and in under 30 minutes! Not easy to capture that half smile but you have done it brilliantly.

15 minutes! Wow, Thea, that's pretty amazing for such an accomplished piece. You've captured the likeness beautifully.

You've caught the smile but for me it's the eyes that give her away. Brilliant Thea.

Thank you very much Christine, Seok and Val for such nice comments. I had to do it quickly as I was going out and only had a short time to spare. It was a spur of the moment decision to choose the Mona Lisa for a Guess Who and I did consider just doing a head and shoulders, but then I decided that the folded hands were an integral part of the painting, so had to really rush to put them in. Christine, I have a seaside one on the drawing board but have just been short of time with wall to wall grandchildren for the past three weeks!

Pretty sure I couldn't have done that in 15 minutes.... I do like those spots of red, melting into the flesh tones. I've tried to imagine the painting without them, and I don't think it would work half so well: but then, that's experience ... I can still see the Charles Reid influence in your paintings, which is all to the good so far as I'm concerned - for those of us who invariably yield to the urge to fill in every square centimetre with paint, he remains a major challenge. As do you....

Very brave and very good Thea, I think I'll sit this particular challenge out.....I'm rubbish at portraits.

Better than the original, Thea. You are a genius!

If she is constipated and buys Imodium she will be blocked for life! Lol

I like the two boils, chin and nose - are they on Leonardos? they should be!!

Thank you so much Robert (yes, dear old Charles is still there in the background!), Fiona, Satu, Robert (not sure about the 'boils' on Leonardo's - don't think he was as great a fan of Cad Red as I am!), and Michael for your very kind comments. Go on, Fiona, have a go - it's only a bit of fun after all. Satu - you are right - I think the remedy she needs is called Dulcolax or something like that!

Haa, love it Thea - better than the original!

More interesting than the real thing. I saw it on a school trip when I was 13. It was very small I thought nd then the Louvre felt dark and dingy.

looks great for a quick sketch, wasn't impressed with the real thing, I don't know why its so famous

Posted by K 0 on Sat 11 Jul 08:01:29
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Just following on from Louise's and Debs one liners of characters from famous paintings. Just a very quick one liner - 10 mins drawing and about 15mins to slap some paint on. Just a bit of fun.

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