Melancholy Blue

Melancholy Blue

To a C Thea beautiful work

He certainly doesn't look very happy..makes you wonder what he's thinking! Super blues and like his dark blue hair line which gives his face rather a nice heart shape !

Love the style - I know he looks like a sad clown, but it makes me happy :-)<br />

Great painting in blue Thea.

Well painted,great use of blue.

Thank you very much Dennis, Louise, James. Carole, David Gudrun and Christine for your positive feedback - which helps to keep me on the right track! I did plan to do something a bit looser, but I just hit of this pierrot&#39;s face and couldn&#39;t resist. Mind you, if I tried an impressionistic work I would probably fail dismally as that style is outside my comfort zone and I don&#39;t have the skills to produce something like that. In the end, whatever you do, you have to be true to yourself I think. It is good to admire other people&#39;s work, but leave it at that and do your own thing.

You can keep the prize for yourself Thea, this Pierrot is fantastic!

Super blue eyes Thea!

Super use of blue, love his hair which frames his face beautifully, and his eyes are so sad I almost feel sorry for him, this coming from someone who has a real aversion to clowns!!

Thank you very much Satu, Fiona and Debs for such encouraging and kind comments. You don&#39;t have to worry too much Debs as Pierrots aren&#39;t really clowns per se - more mime artists. Rather surprisingly, for one who has always rather scorned using a limited palette, I find myself drawn to trying to produce a work in one colour. I am now wondering what I can do with yellow which is probably a lot trickier than blue.

A great &quot;blue&quot; painting Thea, he has such a sad look in those amazing blue eyes.

This is absolutely stunning, Thea. I really love how you managed the tonalities with the various blues, and the hard and soft edges are brilliantly rendered.

Thank you very much Val and Seok for those super comments which I really appreciate. I have got this painting as my screen saver at the moment as I find the said eyes and down turned mouth really compelling - doesn&#39;t cheer me up though!

Hang on Studio Wall

I thought the 'blue challenge' suited this sad pierrot really well.

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