Love having a look in people's sketchbook, thanks for sharing this, smashing work.

Posted by C Jones on Sat 28 Dec 08:07:55

Great sketches Thalia

Lovely sketches Thalia.

Lovely sketchbook work Thalia.

I love a good double-pager Thalia! Look forward to seeing your painting to follow.

Looking forward to seeing the end product of these charming little sketches.

Splendid work, Thalia. What a great facility you are offered...and free!

Beautiful sketches, Thalia.

Beautiful sketches Thalia, the stone of the buildings in Malta are amazingly colourful.

Should make a great painting Thalia, love those old buildings.

Thank you all so much. Yes, I agree, CJ, it's a bit like looking into a private life! Thanks Heather, Sylvia, Carole, Tessa, Carole, Lewis..indeed,it's an amazing place to live! Thank you, Cesare, Paul...yes indeed they are, especially in low evening or early morning light, honey gold! Thank you Robert...these are very neglected unfortunately, right on the main Republic street...such a shame!

This is beautiful, Thalia, I'm another that likes sketchbooks! Lovely lively sketches with beautiful detail and colours.

Always useful in the exercise and for future reference to compose a painting Thalia.Beautifully done as ever.

Hang on Studio Wall

Maltese 'Galerias', this is a sketch I made whilst at my Christmas Market stall in Villa Rundle. The amazing Ministry provides Artisans with a stall, electricity and a table and two chairs, all for free. A huge commitment though, four whole weekends during December, but it was worth it, again this year. I'm going to work this up into an oil painting soon.

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