Early Morning Light xlendi

Early Morning Light xlendi

Really love your rich vibrant colours Thalia. Perfect symetry.

You certainly have caught the light well in this, that pale cool blue of the water sets of the rich browns of the rocks.😃

Lovely work Thalia, good strong colour.

Beautiful painting.

It's gorgeous, Thalia, and those colours are just the best. I know they'll be even better in the flesh, so to speak. It's much cooler, colour-wise, than the others I've seen and this amply reflects the time of day. Lovely! Brian

Thank you Jim...you hit the nail on the head, if I may say so! I did not know why this picture with the boats in this position seems to work whenever I paint it...now thanks to you I do. Symmetry! yay! Composition not my strong point to talk about but I know a good scene when I see it! Thank you Linda, That's really helpful, thanks Stephen, appreciate that comment! Thank you Tom, very kind of you! Thank you for your helpful comment, Brian.

I like the way the water shimmers and the chiaroscuro leading the eye into the distance Thalia.

Well captured Thalia, super work.

Beautiful painting Thalia.

Beautiful watercolour Thalia

Beautifully colourful Thalia.

Thank you also Ronald, Alan, Margaret and Dermot, such helpful comments from you all!

Thank you Carole, these boats come with a warning to wear sunglasses!! So vibrant they shimmer!

It's quite a culture shock seeing your paintings with boats Thalia. I'm so used to seeing the shapes and colours of craft from the UK, that when I see these boats, and other Mediterranean craft, they don't look "right". Just goes to show how my knowledge is lacking! Well done, keep it up.

Beautiful painting and good reflections, Thalia.

Hang on Studio Wall

I have tried to capture the feeling of very early first light in this. The boats rarely change...so few true wooden luzzus now, so I often paint this scene, always changing the skies and sea area, and the slipway to make it a different scene.

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