Super sketches, Thalia.

Great to see sketchbook work. These are super drawings, it's easy to see the attraction for you.

Just to prove that everything has interest for a true artist. Nice work Thalia.

Excellent sketches, Thalia.

Great sketches Thalia are you going to enter them for the automobile competition, 😀

Thank you very much, Seth, Lewis, Jim, Sandra and Linda. I have been passing this scene for about two years, Meaning to draw it. Till a couple of weeks ago there was another elderly lorry as well. When it disappeared I decided it was high time to get on with it in case this went too! Yes, Linda I will enter it, Anyone who has been to Gozo a few years ago will remember ancient vehicles abandoned in fields. They have now been removed [perhaps to this yard!]but I have several photos of them and love their rust and deep shadows. Done many sketches and paintings. Think it will make a good series for a winter project! Thanks All for your really kind comments! Just for the record, this really IS the VRT testing station yard! We don't call it MOT!

Thank you Margaret!

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In each of these small sketches I have used a different medium, including oil pencils. My favourite is the pure watercolour on the left hand page which I did with no pencil sketch, it took only about 5 minutes and I just feel it says everything! I intend to use the sketches in more finished paintings in the Winter months.

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