Great to see your sketches, Thalia.

Always fascinated to see the sky in the top pic.

Beautiful sketches, Thalia, thanks for sharing.

I am a great sketchbooker so it’s nice to see others doing the same. Lovely memories .

Thank you very much Seth...hope your neck is better today! Thank you Lewis, the sky in the sketch is very different to what got onto the canvas. The dark cloud would have interfered with the light on the sea. Not at all happy with my painting...too solid. Thank you Cesare, they're very old [like their author!] Thank you, Sylvia, indeed they bring back the moment instantly!

Super loose sketches, and invaluable reference Thalia.

Nice bold work Thalia.

Thank you very much, Alan, Margaret and Stephen. Really appreciate your help...painting itself is at that 'orrible OMGoodness where do I go now stage, if you know what I mean!

Looks as if these will make a very good painting Thalia.

Thank you Dorothy...not making progress with hot here now for oils!

Hang on Studio Wall

So very sorry about yesterday's cock up! These are the sketches that I am using for a large oil. They were made quite a while ago, but these are cliffs where we often walk so I'm reminded of what I saw frequently!

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