The Marriage of Venice to the Sea on Ascension Day

The Marriage of Venice to the Sea on Ascension Day

Fascinating work, Thalia, you are right to be pleased with it. So much is inspiring about Venice, from the canals right down to the gorgeous masks they wear...perhaps it should be renamed 'Art-on-Sea.' (On second thoughts no...Venice will do just fine.)

Wonderful stuff Thalia. Great scene-setting, fabulous colours and terrific painting. Brilliant.

Wonderful painting Thalia.

Thank you so much, Lewis, Jim and Margaret. If you are in to poetry, Don's poem, of the same title as my painting, is well worth a read. Each stanza is a sonnet in its own right, daunting feat in itself! The scene of Venice is borrowed from a painting by JMWT, with my own take on it, the Doge and his minions in the foreground gondola are from another painting from the 16thC, to get their costumes correct. The cloud on the right has a lion shape built into it, all symbolic from the poem. Stampa herself is seen as a muse, with the golden ring and stars falling around her. Stampa died at a very early age, only 31, in1554, deserted by her lover, she wrote the most beautiful poetry.

Masterful stuff Thalia, very involved and well executed.

I love Venice and love this painting. The colours are so vibrant.

Yes its a good one Thalia, such beautiful colouring.

Thank you very much, Alan, Seth and John, those are lovely comments! It took ages to complete, and had many mis-starts and throw outs, and changes of ideas!!!

What an interesting background to this painting. I love work with hidden script This painting is obviously very personal and meaningful to you and the emotion comes through

Love this one Thalia beautiful colours

A work of love, and beautiful with it.

Wow Thalia, a wonderful subject and painting to match! Great light and colours.

Thank you so very much, Diana...rather think we have much in common!!! Thank you, David!. Thank you Fiona, and Tessa, Your comments are all very much appreciated.

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This piece is my very favourite of all paintings I have ever done! It is a response to a poem by my tutor of 50 years ago, still a great friend and inspiration. He is the poet and writer, DM Thomas. The painting has lines from his poem written onto it which will not show up. It has the poetess Gaspara Stampa, to be seen by the Bridge of sighs. I may write more in a comment under it!!!

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