Meditating with my Dog


I like the light as is and the figure placement is perfect to emphasise scale.

Lovely use of paint Thalia - really effective.

And a very calming painting you have produced Thalia. Love the sea below.

Fabulous vista Thalia, love the impasto work! No, I think it's about on in fact.

What a place, lucky you. Beautiful.

Nice calming painting lovely

Lovely impasto work Thalia and the tiny figures really show up the commanding cliffs and the strength of the sea.

This is really super Thalia. I would not change anything. The focal point is the distant big cliff against the lightness of the water next to it. It all works great as it is.

A lovely tranquil painting, Thalia.

Ah Ha! That settles it, then. Huge THANK YOU for these really helpful comments everyone, I will definitely not do anything to it! Thank you Heather, Shaun, Chris, Alan, Denise, Faye, Carole, David, and Ellen. Greatly appreciate your input. It was painted over an old painting I didn't like...always the way to go for impasto!!! And impulse too!

Scale is brilliant Thalia!!

Oooh! Thank you so much, Audrey, all these comments are very helpful!

Lovely texture, you have captured the immensity so well.

Thank you Romila, so kind of you!

Hang on Studio Wall

Not sure if I need a little more chroma into the sea on the right...comments much appreciated! I wanted to show the immensity of the cliffs at Ta Cenc, so put myself and our Sunny girl in as tiny figures.

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