Balcony in Palm Street

Balcony in Palm Street

possibly a little reflected light within the mass f the shadow - just to break up that block ?

I really like the drama in this painting

This immediately caught my eye Thalia. Love the striking contrasts.

Nice work in transforming a mundane scene into a coulourful place Thalia. Well done.

You are very lucky to be able to paint these lovely buildings, Thalia, love the balconies and the rugged walls, great colours .

Very interesting scene Thalia. I always find myself thinking “what’s around that corner?” Which is good as you’ve hooked me in! I would perhaps be inclined to lighten up the left hand side wall just a little, but it really doesn’t need much.

Striking painting with gorgeous colours, Thalia. Re the left hand solid wall, I personally am not sure if you need it - I blocked it off with a bit of paper and I thought it looked even better without it. Hope you don't mind me suggesting that.

The dark wall adds to the mystery of the scene, and gives a stark contrast to the brightness on the right. I think it works well. Lovely work.

Posted by C Jones on Tue 15 Jan 16:02:23

Very striking Thalia. Love your building scenes.

Thank you Mike...good idea! i will! Thanks Lynne, Carole, Jim, Annick, Tessa, Margaret, CA Jones and Sandra, those are really helpful comments!

Hang on Studio Wall

Whilst the weather is so awful I've been looking at some old work, with a view to improving it ...or throwing it out! I've glazed this in places and put a lot more paint and thought into this one, quite small, 8x8 ins, not sure about the very dark wall on the left.

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