The Green Door

The Green Door

Another little beauty Thalia! So much detail- lovely composition, colour and tone.

I'm becoming increasingly mesmerised by these little gems, Thalia. I love the title, door, light, building and everything. So much on such a small "canvas". Bri

Lovely fresh painting Thalia beautiful

A lovely composition Thalia, love the touch of green 😀

Just unbelievably beautiful Thalia. That Mediterranean light flooding the foreground.

Love your paintings,Thalia, this one particularly.

Now you've started me singing 'green door' by Frankie Vaughn, I will have it in my ear all day!!!!!! Lol. Great painting Thalia, I can feel the heat.

Lovely watercolour Thalia-I'm guessing you have'nt used masking fluid for the white balcony but Icould be wrong!

Love the strong shadow and the stone pedestal set against the wall, very evocative. John

Lovely fresh work Thalia, that dark purple shadow really increases the feeling of light.

Great to see these images of Malta .Good colours and feel. l visited there 22 years ago .I met my wife there and have been married for 21 years ,our twin daughters are 20-well there you go.

Thank you very much, Tessa,and Sandra, very kind of you! Thank you, Brian, a really kind thing to say. It's already gone to a new home where it will be placed in a large frame, as the Belgians who bought it are friends! Thank you Dennis, Praise indeed from one who always paints such beautiful fresh pictures! Thank you Linda, green is my favourite colour for the Maltese doors, as it sets off the honey coloured stone so very well! Awww, thank you Carole, that's so very sweet of you! Thank you Margaret N and Annick and Margaret B...apologies for the song!! Gina you're right! I do not possess any, i hate the stuff, and it goes off here in a matter of a few weeks once opened, I either paint carefully as here, sponge out, or use gouache!Thank you for the kind comment!

Thank you very much for such kind comments, John and Stephen. Glad you like them, David! What a lovely story! We visited Gozo in 1993, to's a diving Mecca! We came to live here in 1998, and would never return to UK!

The light in 5his is superb Thalia. Beautiful use of colour

Thalia this is really fab!

Superb painting Thalia, the light is brilliant

Really beautiful painting Thalia.

Thank you very much for those kind comments, Diana, Dennis, Shirley, Russell and Carole. I really appreciate these comments, so very helpful to know where I'm going...if you know what I mean!

yes, beautiful work.

Posted by T H on Thu 13 Sep 18:05:54
Hang on Studio Wall

This is an almost iconic doorway in Mdina, the Silent City of Malta, the bright sunlight streaming across the walls that all tourists take photos of it! Another tiny picture, 5x3ins!

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