End Of A Perfect Day Sliema

End Of A Perfect Day Sliema

Beautifully vibrant Thalia.

Wonderful glorious colours in there, Thalia.

It's heavily worked with some vibrant colour and brush strokes. I think that lighter area of sky is okay, adds some relief and gives off light. Nice piece Thalia, sorry about the gallery though, what a blow!

I didn’t notice the left hand corner other than being part of the whole and so it works for me Thalia. Lovely warm colours gives the impression of the passing of a really hot day. Not good news about the gallery is there any possibility of a new venue?

Beautiful work Thalia, 😃

Dazzling work as ever Thalia, and sorry to hear your gallery is closing. It will be missed I'm sure.

What a blast of a painting, Thalia. You've received some great adjectives and verbs so far and I can only agree with them wholeheartedly. Real bummer the gallery closing, and for GOOD! That's a blow but I hope something else will emerge to take its place. All the best Bri

Wonderfully dramatic scene, I love the contrast of light and dark. That foreground boat really works.

Powerful image Thalia - I love it!

Very strong piece of painting

How lovely and vibrant this looks Thalia, sorry to hear about the gallery perhaps you can find a new location.

So dramatic love this Thalia.

I rather like the top left because you’ve linked it to the rest of the painting by adding those touches of blue to the boats. Nice one Thalia! Also sorry about the gallery, might you have a new venue? I’m sure you can’t lack buyers for your lovely work which is so very skilful and representative of the beautiful area you live in. I wish you luck. X

Goodness! What kind comments from you all. Our internet is still playing up so this is not my usual individual response, just want you all to know that I really appreciate your help. The Gallery was costing us more than in rent than we were gaining, so we feel it's time to close. I shall continue to do exhibitions and Artisan markets occasionally instead.

Wonderful atmosphere and colours Thalia

Hang on Studio Wall

This has taken a while to achieve and I'm still unsure about the top left hand area, Grateful as always for any comments. Sorry about not being around, we have internet problems and terribly busy clearing the Gallery as it's closing on Sunday for good!

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