Azure Harbour

Azure Harbour

Another busy scene, nicely handled.

A beauty again Thalia, magic how you do these little gems.

Lovely blues, and amazing detail for such a small picture.

Back on harbour patrol I see 😁, you be careful that you don't lose your land legs. Nice work

A beauty as always Thalia, I've a long ways to go before mine look like that. Thankyou so much for your help with mine much appreciated. ☺️

Another fabulous painting, Thalia.

Thank you Stephen, Carole, Sandra, And Ellen, those are really kind comments! Ha Ha, Alan, I lost those and my heart to the sea and diving in it 25 years ago!!! Hi Lesley, you're more than welcome! I really love your composition, don't beat yourself up! Are you using pans or tubes? tubes are much easier to get deeper colour with. The paint needs to be like thick cream, and even butter! Thank you everyone, really appreciate your kindnesses!

I love your blues Thalia, this is super.

Beautiful rich colours. A lovely scene.

Just amazing Thalia. How you manage to portray all that detail on such a small scale astounds me. Is it watercolour Thalia?

Thanks again thalia, I used pans on my first attempt then WN tubes after your advice, they are a lot easier creamier and brighter, lesson learned here...

Thank you very much, Margaret, Carolyn and Carole...yes, watercolour! I basically use oil or watercolour, Acrylic dries on the brush while you look at it here!!

That's really good to hear, Lesley, If they dry out if you, like me are overenthusiastic when pressing the tube, drop a little water on 'em, and if need be, some honey, it will soften them again, but fresh squeezes are best! As in life, Lol!!!

Hang on Studio Wall

I was attracted to the really deep blue of the water in the foreground of this little picture, 5x7ins...not my smallest!

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