Cooking The Catch

Cooking The Catch

Looks good to me, it's more about the colours now and it works well.


It's gorgeous Thalia, I just love the colours.

It's about contrasts for me and works beautufully. So serene and peaceful. Lovely.

I think it's gorgeous, it's so serene looking, I feel I'm there looking over that beautiful scene, 😀

This is so peaceful and. the colours are gentle and. Calming. A tranquil piece of work worthy of prominent wall space.

Lovely sky and serene water, on my iPad, the foreground seems very dark. Can't understand why you left this delightful Isle to live there lol!

Looks fantastic, Thalia, and I would love to taste the fish. Nothing better than straight from the boat. Great surface glare and reflections. It all works beautifully for me with the hints suggesting just enough. The smoke is a nimble touch as it slightly obscures the diners. A tranquil sea and moment at the end of the day. Pass the salad! Now, where did I put that wine? Bri

I like this composition, Thalia. The foreground, particularly on the left, keeps the eye from slipping out and the diagonals work nicely toward the boat.

I think it's all been said Thalia, for me being a simple soul or is that sole, I love the slightly orange band in the sky.. Lovely

Ah ha! Yes, Peter, before it was saying two statements, now as you say, it's all about the colour, as it should be, really helpful comment, thank you! Thanks, Olga and Margaret, kind of you both. Thank you Jim, that's helpful, too. Thank you Linda and Carole...I hope so! It's going in the September exhibition! Thank you, Stephen, it's that strong heat that makes the darks so very dark! On the painting it is a little lighter than the camera picked up, think it's ok on the painting! Ha ha, Brian! I'll just have the salad, as a strict vegetarian...I'm searching for the wine for you, but I reckon they've polished it off themselves!!! Thank you Wib, very helpful comment that , appreciate it! Thank you Alan, it works against the pale bluey mauves, I think. We have wonderful sunsets and sunrises here, they just beg to be painted!

lovely composition and aerial perspective Thalia

Beautiful colours Thalia, just right for the peaceful atmosphere. Yes, I could sit there, on a rock, with a glass of wine and become one with the surroundings.

Ah Thalia, you’ve captured a most calm and romantic scene.....far from my own experience of ‘cooking the catch’, I can tell you! Lol

It is lovely Thalia! The colours in the sky and sea are just perfect.

It is serene. I did search for an earlier version without success. It would have good to compare them.

Beautiful, tranquil, lovely work Thalia.

Looks great. Love the colours and the wee boat hidden there.

Hang on Studio Wall

I have revisited this painting. I decided the boat and people were too prominent and that the foreground was boring. I've made the boat smaller, the people and smoke merely a hint now. Do they work? I have added rocks, stones and wet looking sand [I hope!] to the foreground.

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