Very vibrant Thalia.

This is such a good example of pouring down strong marks which suggest the buildings, and objects so well without the need for detail. Great

Just enough detail in t here two lovely little works Thalia. There's some heat coming off this one!

Lovely, bright, vibrant, great pieces Thalia. Love them both.

Gloriously bold and colourful Thalia. Lovely.

Glorious scene Thalia, love the strong burnt sienna colour.

Lovely little painting Thalia, I know how difficult these must be to paint with all the details that's in them, my little cards are bad enough painting them but yours are so full of images, 😀

I love how you keep your work so vibrant and exciting Thalia. This is a little gem.

Thank you so much, Sandra, Diana...really helpful comments both! Thanks Carole, Rachel, Jim, Alan [actually it's Quin. Gold but looks like BS i admit!], thank you,Linda, your cards are an absolute delight! Thank you Sarah and Margaret, you're all so very kind and your comments a great help.

This is simply lovely, especially the warm Sienna's and ochres that radiate the heat of the scene. So puzzled as to how you can do such lovely paintings on such a small scale.

Another smashing piece Thalia.

Good work.

Posted by T H on Sun 05 Aug 20:40:16
Hang on Studio Wall

Another really tiny painting ready for the September exhibition in the Cittadella. Msida church is a huge Baroque Parish church, and there wasn't a ripple in the water, I could have painted it upside down!! Couldn't in fact get it all in, paper too small! I altered some of the boats into luzzus, too!

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