In The Shallows

In The Shallows

Well it had a “wow” from me if that answers your question Thalia!? I love the dark colours on and around the stones. No help required!

It’s working, Thalia.

Does it for me, Thalia.

The only thing that crossed my mind, Thalia, considering the style, was the nature of the dark foreground blues. Would they be so blue, given the sky is partially obscured by cloud? It's only a question, not a criticism. Would some kind of horizon help to ground the peninsula? Just thoughts. Looks good to me, though. Bri

Thank you, Tessa, that's such a sweet comment, and you too, Seth, Sandra and Brian. This started months ago, Brian, and I keep returning to it. At first the watery area was pale and the rocks very dark and seaweed everywhere. I failed to 'see' the rocks further away as needing to be paler so I felt a darker blue might help...there is blue in the misty sky but as you rightly say, not that much! There was no distinction between sea and sky...this often is the case here as we are so humid...90% most mornings! Probably go on the back burner again till Winter! Determined to get it right...

I think it's great anyway Thalia.

Put a comment on earlier but it isn't here. I think it's a great picture but wondered if a ledge on the wall and the even, curved stripes on the right broken up a bit, would introduce more solidity, but hi Thalia, you're a brilliant artist and what do I know ....?

I love the colour palette you have used, the intensity of the colours, and the deep contrasts, Thalia.

Ah ha...yes, indeed, Carole. Think you're heading me in the right direction...oops no pun intended. I have not got that space at all right, and the Lumpis too big and coming forward. Will have to think about that some more! Thank you Margaret and Chandra, you're very kind.

Hang on Studio Wall

Really hated this when I first did it as I couldn't get the recession right. Worked from loads of sketches on site, the dark rocks kept leaping in the air!! I decided to wash all the darks out and start agin...hoping to get some help on this it working now...Help please!!

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