Cospicua Harbour

Cospicua Harbour

This is superb, one of your very best mini-pics. Super composition, what a beauty.

As Lew has said, a super composition Thalia, another postage stamp!

Brilliant!! To create so much space on such a small "canvas" is startling. Love everything about it, Thalia. Bri

More amazing work in small detail Thalia. Really good painting for both images.

What a wonderful painting Thalia. I bet you could do miniatures!

Just so enchanting. Could never manage anything as small as this. The painting doesn't look at all small so you really have waved your magic wand Thalia.

Gorgeous.. great shadows, colours and light.

Love this colourful scene.

Gosh, everyone, thank you so much for such really kind and encouraging comments, Lewis, that's so kind of you, and Alan and Brian, and Jim. Margaret, I would do them indeed, if I had the proper market for them. The folks who come in to our Gallery [ie gift shop!!!] would not pay what they are worth ...if that sounds blunt, apologies, but it's true! These are priced at 22E unframed, and unsold! Thank you Carole, Rachel and Sandra, You are all so kind today, well, actually every day! A huge thank you to you all for looking!

Such a confident painting Thalia, just lovely composition and colours.

Stunning colours, especially on that foreground boat.

Lovely painting Thalis. Gorgeous colours as always and really nice composition.

Super small painting - you can certainly capture the vibrancy of the Maltese seascape.

Hang on Studio Wall

Now you know I'm nuts! To try to get 3 Dghajsas[Diesas] into a picture 5x3ins is sheer hard work! Hope it doesn't look like hard work! That's the lovely 3 Cities in the background.

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