Spinola Bay

Spinola Bay

You make tiny big Thalia. Super depth in this piece.

Like the composition of this, Thalia. Lovely sky.

Boats, what's not to love about it? Small packages again Thalia. Lovely.

I'm amazed you can cram so much detail into such a small space Thalia. Perhaps you should go into miniature painting? Works well though.

Another super miniature Thalia, great colour as usual -lovely.

Beautiful, and so tiny!

I really love this one Thalia, so much detail in so little space, clever girl!

These are lovely little paintings and I know by painting small birds and mammals they take a lot more patience to do, and eye strain lol, 😀

This brings back memories, I was there in 1960, and thought it a wonderful place. Looks like it still is.

May be small but it packs a punch!

Thank you John, that's really kind, Thankou Seth, Jim, Stephen...inevitably done from a photo, as i can't get out plein air till after the exhibition, Stehen! Thank you, Willie, Emma, Margaret, Linda, Lewis and Fiona. I agree, Lewis but, the buildings have gone upwards, like giants now!

Hang on Studio Wall

Spinola Bay, near San Juliano, is a very popular tourist destination in Malta. This is a really tiny picture 3x5ins, with a lot going on in it!!

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