Maltese Harbour

Maltese Harbour

Wow...a lovely mass of bold colours. I like this a lot Thalia.

Think you should "throw" some more, that sky is awesome.

I think I'm going to throw some watercolour today and hope to get such a super result.

Fantastic. Really terrific painting Thalia. One to make Turner nod in approval. Love it.

Wow Thalia- fabulous result! Love the balance of opposite colours, it has really worked well.

Fantastic colours Thalia, makes my day looking at this it's such a miserable morning again, 😀

Your work is getting more confident, brighter and even more captivating. I can sense how you moved the paint around to get to this final result. Fantastic!

Posted on Wed 11 Apr 11:44:08

It's on fire! What an exciting painting.

So dramatic love it Thalia.

So sorry everyone, it was not Gamsol. It was Neo Megilp, made by Gambln that I used, hence Its' Turnerish look! I painted this about a year ago. Thank you very much Ellen, Justin[I'm doing exactly that right now...working on 4 oils and a wc!!!] Seth...look forward to seeing it soon! Jim, thank you, you're very kind, Tessa, Gudrun, Linda, Ibolya, and Marjorie, as always I am so very grateful to you all for looking at my work and your helpful comments

It has a Turneresque feel, Thalia. Beautiful painting.

The Neo Megilp helps to give that effect! Thank you Cesare, that's a real compliment!

Hang on Studio Wall

This was one that threw itself on to the MDF board! Like Topsy, it just grew, straight out of my head! I used Gamsol to blend, mainly with a palette knife and rag and fingers, and it has many layers of glazing.

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