Ramla Bay from Ramla Cave

Ramla Bay from Ramla Cave

I'm a fan of your street scenes, Thalia, but this is lovely.

Oh it's so lovely Thalia, those deep and rich colours are a delight.

Wonderful rich colours and I like the way you’ve framed it at the top. Well done Thalia.

Fabulous rich colours, Thalia.

Thank you Seth! The feeling is reciprocated re the streets, and thank you for the kind comment. Thank you Gudrun, Tessa and Ellen, Much appreciated Alan, rich colours are a mark of Gozo, saturated I believe is the term. The sea was glazed about five times to get the strength I wanted...drove me nuts, between the painting and our blind dog i couldn't move !!!

Another beauty Thalia, you should do an illustrated guide book of your island.

I like the idea of you clambering up to the cave Thalia!!! Even if it was only in your dreams! The cave actually frames the piece very well, a stunning view which is so beautiful.

Ha ha,Stephen, now there's an idea! Thank you for looking at my work. It's really helping me find my feet!!!

One of your very best Thalia. Thankyou for all your kind comments on my paintings.

Thank you Margaret and Michael for your very kind comments, climbing up , Margaret, no probs, getting down again is! I've no head for heights...except underwater!!!

Hang on Studio Wall

This is one of our most famous beaches where the sand is a very reddish colour. It was painted from various sketches made on site, but not in the cave as I'm not so agile any more, and photos to aid perspective. A large painting, not easy to work on in my tiny studio.

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