This conjures up a great feeling of freedom and space Teresa. Love the movement.

Good one Tessa, give me skis and snow and I’m there (in my dreams)!

This is obviously your dream Tessa. My balance isn’t good enough to try it, but it looks very exciting!

Tessa, you're very good at getting the balance/stance of the figure just right, as in this one. The weight bearing is crucial and the sense of going downhill is perfect.

Really good Tessa!

I love this Tessa, it makes you feel like having a go.

Thank you Carole, freedom and space seem to go together don’t they, especially at the moment. Katy, skis and snow!? Dreams only for me too, and Linda, I have two new(ish) knees so yes in my imagination only. Thank you Marjorie, I love figure drawing, and trying to get the correct sense of motion, so very glad you see that. Diane and Denise, many thanks also. Denise, feel free to have a go, I’ll just watch! 🤣

Super ... those were the days!

Great idea Tessa, love it!

Full of movement and speed, Tessa. Well done.

Thanks again Mia, Alan and Heather, always grateful for your kind and positive comments.

I feel I’m there Tessa. Clever stuff.

Hang on Studio Wall

Our art group theme this week is Transport and/or Freedom, so this is my A4 effort combining both. I’ve also combined coloured pencils for the background with gouache and pen for the skateboarder. Hopefully the use of different media makes the figure stand out more.

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I have returned to painting over the last few years having relocated from Cardiff to the Cotswolds in 2009 and joined the Guiting Power Art Group. Although I did a year's Foundation Course at art college after leaving school, I hadn’t painted much in the interim, except for a few attempts here and…

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