Broadway Show Day. The Ice Cream Sellers.


My favourite of the three , excellent work Tessa.

Very good Tessa.

Super, my favourite too

I love your sketch Tessa

Mysterious happenings or a senior moment when I forgot to press “post”. I did leave a comment, mostly about the chap’s legs ( obv a cyclist) and the size of the ice cream portion. Great sketch!

I like all of them. Not easy catching all the movement, great sketching.

Bet the guy in Yoda middle is a cyclist Tessa, a beautifully observed sketch.

Great sketch Tessa.

YODA???? Sorry MIDDLE .

Many thanks all for the lovely comments! The ice cream container/machine, is actually attached to a cycle so yes he is a cyclist, but not sure how fast he would go, but probably quite hard to ride! Trust you ladies to be looking at the legs!

Excellent sketch Tessa, I hadn’t noticed the legs until I read the comments of the more observant amongst us!

Beautifully drawn, Tessa. Love the variation of lines and marks, with accents in all the right places.

Love your sketches Tessa, they are good honest art.

I love the clever use of pink in this sketch.

Thank you Katy, Seok, Fiona, Maureen and Jacqueline! These two do actually dress in pink with pink ribbons on their straw boaters- very smart and eye catching.

Hang on Studio Wall
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Pen sketch A5 with a little gouache added at home. A lovely day out at this village show.

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