Childhood Memories-50s/60s Cardiff.


A great time to grow up, thinks seemed simpler and safer then. Lovely painting

Great memories Tessa when we used to play everyday outside, I think we were much healthier.

Great memories Tessa, Oh the freedom that we had, playing "Marlies" on the footpath, out in the dark until late, Tick and release, riding bikes, pram wheel soapbox carts, awesomely I saw the stars and the milky way most clear nights, but sadly with our current light pollution I bet todays kids rarely, if ever, see them.

Thank you Dixie and Carole. Yes it did seem safer and freer then. Not sure I’d want to be growing up now! And thanks Robert. I had forgotten soapbox carts, we called them bogies and they were great fun weren’t they!

That's fantastic Tessa, you have really gone to town on this challenge, brilliant to see all those memories, you have painted it all so well, 👏👏👏

Great work! Figures are alive there in 70s setting! I would like try this to share the same generation memory as Japanese version.

Not 70s, but 50s 60s.

Many thanks Linda. The more I thought about it the more memories came back! Thank you Yoko. Memories of Japanese childhood would be just wonderful, please do!

A trip down memory lane Tessa and so wonderfully put together. I share most of your memories... Including roller skates, elastics (one of my particular favourites) I’ve always lived in the country apart from a couple of years and my list would also include climbing trees, collecting birds eggs tut tut....I’ve been educated since.....spending whole days at Clummber Park or Sherwood Forest with cricket, footie, bow and arrows and picnics. Great stuff! But mostly, the love and time my parents lavished on me, mum was always at home, always a cooked meal on the table, everything home made or I didn’t get it.....and most of all, lots of books, we were great readers of anything and everything, I still am. Good habits and manners. Thank you for the trip Tessa......we were blessed.

.... Cardiff dead! Great sense of atmosphere and nostalgia Tessa.

You got there Frank! Well done. Fiona, thank you, more lovely memories. My mum was also at home, though she did teach ballroom dancing some evenings! You’ve reminded me I also had a bow and arrows and even a Robin Hood outfit complete with hat- I was a bit of a tomboy then! Our treat was to go out into the country on weekends for walks and adventures, and I was and am an avid reader.

Great trip down memory lane. There weren’t any cars around when I was a kid and we played out in all weathers, not going home before it was dark. Our grandkids are so molly cuddled and rely on technology for entertainment. How things have changed but I suppose that’s progress. Great little painting Tessa.

Lovely painting of happy times

A lot going on in this nostalgic painting. Happy days !

Many thanks Richard and Heather.

Well done Tessa. I remember all of this and more from my childhood in Co Durham. You are right about about the soap boxes called bogies. Never got mine to work properly. Playing in the street was normal. Getting ready for Guy Fawkes night - me and friends collecting branches from the wood to make a bonfire and doing silly things with fireworks. Climbing trees and falling off them. Coming home dirty. I am glad health and safety didn't exist then. Happy days!

Thank you Stuart, and we all lived to tell the tale!

Hang on Studio Wall

Painted for the Forum, ( see the discussion on whether where we live effects what we paint)-oil on cartridge paper, strangely absorbent, and a gave the effect of acrylic in that it dried quickly, but it was chosen for the size A2 . The text across the bottom is part of a very popular song about the city Cardiff born, Cardiff bred, and when I’m gone I’ll be Cardiff dead!

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