The Monnow Bridge


There is a wonderful sense of light and I love the way your composition flows so fluidly Tessa. A lovely glimpse of sky and a very uplifting painting.

I love the light and the movement in the trees. I feel a gentle breeze!

Wow, Tessa, this is lovely. As Carole says, the light is beautiful. Restricted palette and harmonious feel. It’s lovely to see your paintings again.

This is a fantastic painting Tessa, beautiful scene.

I like this a lot and entirely agree with Carole

Outstanding Tessa , a lovely painting the bridge , the foreground rock is really well painted, love the colours of the shadows.

Many thanks Carole, Jean, Marjorie, Denise, Heather and Dixie for all for your lovely and positive comments. It means a lot when people take the time to look and appreciate the effort. This is a memory of a very pleasant day out with lunch in a pub next to an open window- something that’s been pretty rare in the last nearly two years.

A beautiful light-filled painting, Tessa!

Lovely work Tessa, nice shapes, undulations and textures

Thanks so much Anne and Willie: much appreciated.

Lots of lovely light Tessa, it makes the stones of the bridge glow. I particularly like the way you have indicated and painted the foreground rock and pathway, that touch of lavender against the yellow starts the journey into the view.

Great composition and tonally spot on. A lovely painting Tessa.

A really good painting of the bridge. After reading your profile I think you are wise to think about the essence and feeling of a subject which is a very important part of all art work...

Thank you Fiona, always appreciate your judgment and reading of a painting! Also George- composition and tone are what I try to concentrate on, so thank you for that. Thank you John. I had almost forgotten writing that but you’ve reminded me now, and yes it’s a different angle sometimes to developing a painting.

Yep, my first thought was "great light in this", and I see that's just what struck others, too. All done without fussy detail, too.

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12x10” water mixable oil from a photo taken back in October on a day out to Monmouth. I started this before Christmas and have just finished it.

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I have returned to painting over the last few years having relocated from Cardiff to the Cotswolds in 2009 and joined the Guiting Power Art Group. Although I did a year's Foundation Course at art college after leaving school, I hadn’t painted much in the interim, except for a few attempts here and…

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