Hope in the Dark


Beautiful work

Smashing darks - hats off to you!


Wow incredible!! So detailed

The backlight hitting the little hairs on the stems is just outstanding. Absolutely brilliant!

Gorgeous, beautifully done.

Love how you have treated the light and dark. Superbly painted TaiMeng.

Quality work TaiMeng. Very Imaginative piece of work.

Thank you Jon Davidson!

Thanks so much Heather!!

Thanks Anne :)

Thank you Faye. I applied many layers on all the details as well as the background. It's a fun process as Pastel pastelmat can handle all the details so well.

Thank you Paul!!

Many thanks Collette!! :)

Thanks so much Denise!!

Much appreciated your comments Carole Kelly!! :)

Thank you very much Chris Scott!! ;)

Wow I see. I guess the pastlemat helps the pastels to smudge less? Very detailed. Sounds fun. Brillant work!

Love this! The backlight on the flower is amazing against the dark.

Hi Faye Patrick, Pastelmat able to multiply the layers without a saturation effect. It works well with pastel pencils and sticks to create the fine details. It offers a softer surface than sanded paper, which is safe to rub with your fingers and less dusty or smudge to me.

Thank you Sunanda! :)

Many thanks Christine Rogan! :)

Simply superb as always TaiMeng, a bona fide master of this beautiful but so difficult medium.

Thank you very much for the info I look forward to seeing more of your work 😁

Thank you Russell :)

You're most welcome Faye! ;)

You have captured the translucence of the petalswonderfully.

Hang on Studio Wall

Assorted Pastel on PastelMat, 30x34cm

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