TaiMeng Lim


Tai-Meng Lim (Malaysian, born 1976) started painting at the tender age of ten. His curiosity and passion for the arts lead him to experiment with various methods and mediums. Growing up from a humble family background, most of his experiences then of arts and paintings were self-taught. This would eventually become the very foundation necessary to kick start his creative journey and in 1993, he was honoured with scholarship programs for his participation in the National Art Scholarship Competition. He graduated from the Malaysian Institute of Art in Graphic Design in 1997 and began working professionally in the advertising industry. Being a dedicated individual and somewhat of a perfectionist, he focused his efforts into his career till 2011. Picking up the paintbrush again felt nostalgic and Tai-Meng rekindled that inner joy for painting he had discovered as a child. Paying heed to that calling, he started pursuing opportunities to create as a freelance fine-art artist. His artistic direction is derived from the exploration and struggles of day-to-day life activities. As such, Tai-Meng tends to tell a story via his paintings. It reflects his personal opinions and feelings about whatever he may wish to convey but through paints strokes and his interpretation of art. His painting style always embodies transformation and change, which is closely connected to his process of self-discovery. He tirelessly play with various methods and techniques to produce and bring to reality the concepts and ideas in pursuits of a deeper understanding to his very self and the environment around him. This truly provides unlimited possibilities as well as endless inspirations, ideas and queries that can be explored on this journey of him as an artist and the creative process as well as the understanding that comes with it is simply satisfying.