Jo’s Whippets


Aaah so beautiful, love the way you have captured them Sylvia. I look forward to seeing your painting.

Thank you Carole and Dylan. Greyhounds , whippets and Lurchers have such beautiful faces they are hard to resist. My wee Squeakette Jack Russel was put to sleep three weeks ago ,she was sixteen , I’m still missing her.

Carole is right Sylvia, that’s a beautiful sketch. It’s peaceful and calming to look at, the painting will be quite something . I’m sorry for the loss of your wee squeakette, she’s still with you. X

This is beautifully done Sylvia, and what a lovely pose! So sorry about your little dog having to be put to sleep.X

Well these are beautifully drawn Sylvia, they’re so gorgeous. I lost my little whippet Lilly last year.

Super sketching. I like seeing sketchbook work. You see the different mark making others some loose squiggly lines, some quick straight hatching, etc...all of which translates into a cracking image.

Fabulous sketch with lots of dog emotion. Look forward to seeing the painting.

Awe thanks for looking and comments I do appreciate them. But Alan I do have a dreadful confession to make... Me, the one who always advocates “ from life “ or own photograph , saw the original photo on my friends wall and I was so enamoured by it that I asked Jo if I could use it....such guilt, me who slams everyone else for doing just this. Head hung in shame .☹️

I’ll forgive you where animals are concerned Sylvia, I don’t have any issues here. My Lilly used to keep so still though, I have tons of life sketches of her. I adore whippets, this pair are so gorgeous, shall I get another? Maybe...

Great sketch Sylvia, painted with deep feeling and sensitivity.

Thank you Alan and Carole. Alan look out for one who needs a home .

This is gorgeous Sylvia, such a peaceful pose, can't wait to see your paint version. So sorry to hear about your JR, I keep thinking the time has arrived for my old border collie who has no strength in her back legs but then she surprises me by rallying round and insisting on a walk.

Excellent work Sylvia. A great image.

A good sketch Sylvia!

It’s hard Val . That’s just what mine did a sudden spurt of joy and happiness...thanks for nice comments ,everyone xx.

This has got such feeling Sylvia. I think it will stand up well against a painting, too.

Thank you Marjorie, I am looking forward to painting these two.

They’re adorable.

Beautiful tender drawing, Sylvia.

Thank you for looking and happy comments Ellen and Cesare.

Sylvia this is such a tender moment captured beautifully by you.

Hang on Studio Wall

A prep sketch of a friends two whippets, coloured pencil in my A4 Moleskine sketch book.. I’m looking forward to painting them.

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