One I did earlier.

One I did earlier.

Vibrant colours but worth knocking the foreground back a bit?

As you know Sylvia, I paint over the top of things every now and then. The decision comes when I keep passing something ( a painting) and I ask myself " what is it doing there?" There are things I like but not enough or it would be hanging somewhere, right? Things you could do.....paint a foreground ,changing the colours to those of the trees and sky ( I myself would quite like to do this ), turn it a different way ( or not ) and paint on top something completely different but allowing colour to come through here and there - I used a previous painting for inspiration and did this. Now I think about it, using another of your paintings can be a good idea. Whatever you decide, you have to feel a bit inspired, not just do it for the sake of....must go, sick grand daughter arriving soon!

Thank you ladies. Both constructive . Though its one of those canvasses that dosent want to be anything , if i remember correctly this is its third morph! . Is that a proper word...or one of my own ?.

Although the tonal values in the foreground need attention. I like this piece and its not far from being a good painting Sylvia.

Like the colours and the way they roll in the it.

Great colours, agree about foreground but very vibrant.

I like the colours very vibrant, I maybe would add a little snow. Not to much as it would spoil it. 🤔

Certainly eye-catching and those mountains are brilliant!

Posted on Tue 30 Jan 14:55:33

I love the mountains and the sky Sylvia, but I think I would add something in the foreground. the pinks and yellows remind me of Blackpool rock!

Thanks everyone , its interesting how everyone sees things differently..l especially like Margarets Black pool rock.

Bursting with colour and vibrancy Sylvia. Personally I would leave this alone now and get it printed up into cards. It's so eye catching .

Thank you Sarah.

Perhaps more detail in the foreground?

This is quite reminiscent of David Hockney, Sylvia. I don’t think I’d paint over it.

Some more interesting comments . Thanks ...🤔

It is lovely and colourful. and full of movement. studying for a few seconds it reminds me of hot molten lava from an erupting volcano well done Sylvia

Very impressionistic and love those colours

Thank you for commenting on my painting! Your work is stunning! I love the colours, one day I want to move toward bright and expressive colours too!

Hang on Studio Wall

Using my home environment but completly changing the colours . Acrylic on canvas, this is sitting in Sylvs shed and has been for a goodish time , not sure if i am going to keep it, add to it or paint over it. Suggestions please .

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