Tuareg horsemen


I like this too Sunil. Good movement and the simple lines work well

Hi Heather. Many thanks for your comment. Am back on this site after a long while; still learning to navigate the new format! Cheers. Stay safe, stay masked.

Hang on Studio Wall

This original seen in Fes market was a single sepia coloured work on paper. I wanted to make it more "vigorous" so my first effort using acrylic did not work out. Turned out flat. Hence here, i have used oil paint, a sand gel, a black felt pen etc to convey the movement of the horsemen, retaining the original style of drawing the horsemen. The final version is actually on top of 2 or 3 earlier failed colour schemes. I quite like the final attempt. For Sale

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I paint landscapes and abstracts in acrylics, oils and water colours. My favourite style is impasto as it creates beautiful imagery and depth exploiting the richness of the paints thereby producing a pleasing tactile surface. Landscapes convey peace, tranquility and considerable warmth. I often use…

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