Derelict Barn

Derelict Barn

Nice painting. Being a surveyor must help established your eye line, I know it does with me after year and years of levelling.

And it's a nice painting to look at too

Thanks Guys, the tech drawing lessons sometimes help but can be, in my opinion, a hindrance, but it is what it is. I'm too old now to change.

This scene really struck me with a keen sense of proportion and really eye-catching too. Its nice to paint from a different perspective and the darker brick-work draws the eye into the rural white cottages too!

Really like your style Peter, simple but so effective. Like the blocks of colour and sense of open space.

Well he is an artist worthy of study, I do like this Peter, very well planned with an interesting muted palette.

I admire the work of Kyffin Williams, and I love this Peter.

Thanks guys, much appreciated.

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24"x20" oil on canvas. Study of Welsh scene after Kyffin Williams. Not my usual landscape style but found it interesting.

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Trained as a Surveyor so cursed with a background in technical drawing, something that I have striven to overcome with varying degrees of success. Attended drawing classes at an Art College and continued drawing for years before going on to watercolour and now oils. Favourite subjects are boats, theā€¦

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