Long way from home (re-worked)

Long way from home (re-worked)

A subtler painting altogether Peter. I don't know it's because of the conditions you've photo'd it in ( daylight or artificial light which makes a big difference) but this version is much more atmospheric. Perspective is spot on.

Thanks Marjorie. Photos are a problem at the moment because of the poor natural light at this time of year. Used a combination of what daylight was available plus some artificial light, not ideal and the colour is affected to some degree. Much happier with the perspective now and still struggling to understand how I didn't spot the problem straightaway in the original effort.

Lovely seascape and sky, the yacht is well positioned Peter.

Thanks Carole, it took me some time to get there but was reasonably happy with the end result. However, like everyone else, I now want to do another similar scene because next time...

Hang on Studio Wall

Further reworking of the painting I posted earlier in the week with the lack of perspective in the sea addrressed...i hope!

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