SaturSNAILia greetings

SaturSNAILia greetings

A festival of snails

Great idea Sian, I do love a colourful snail pic!

This is your third clever snail pic Sian so you are now officially a full member of the Snail Club!

Thanks all and I am delighted to join the Snail Club. I believe Saturnalia is on 17th December. I have just noticed what the first 4 letters spell.

Nice thinking Sian!

Very festive Sian. I wonder what snails eat for their Christmas dinner?!!

Good decorations Sian!!!

They're certainly lighting up the tree Sian, hope they don't eat it!

Hang on Studio Wall

Still too early for Cxxxxxxxx so a Happy SaturSNAILia to all of you clever and funny people in Snail City. ( M thought my mountain was a tree so hence this festively decorated one)

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