wall well

wall well

Well done Sian, brilliant. Don't they say that the point of an abstract is that you can view it from any orientation and it is still a pleasing composition. You have this spot on and I love your choice of colours, especially the flashes of purple. I'm fascinated by this album of paintings, what great imagination you have and how well interpreted. There is so much to take in I shall have to come back again, and again.

Hang on Studio Wall

1.5.11 15cm x 30 cm. painted roughly (I wanted to do something quickly again) on a rough dull green hardboard background. I thought it looked better in this orientation in the abstract but if you turn your head to the left the well is the green circle and the thatch above the wall of our house is the green almost quadrant. The yellow segment is the top of the gate. The yellow trapezium is the roof of the house opposite. The bits of 3 walls are the orange, purple and yellow that are now at the bottom. Too much explanation. Should I have posted it the correct way up?

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I always find it interesting to read about the rest of you. I gave up art when I had to chose between it and maths at 'school. I then gave it a go when I retired and have found it a fascinating hobby, enabling me to view with new eyes, to visit art galleries with greater interest, to sometimes haveā€¦

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