Very good! It looks like you're being put through your paces.

Yes every time I draw a portrait on white paper I realise only the pure high light can be white. I will have to start by colourising the surface first in future. Good job Seok, a lean machine.

Well drawn Seok.

Not an easy exercise that you've mastered well.

Great 6 pack Seok - we all wish our life models were like that, but never are. Good job and a good lesson learnt!

Excellent work Seok!

Thank you very much, everyone!

Wonderful handling of tone!

Thanks very much, Teresa!

Hang on Studio Wall

An exercise from my classical drawing class. Learning to draw with a combination of chalk and graphite pencil and using the color of the paper to achieve a midtone. Much more difficult than I thought. I love the process and the effect though - it's a lot faster than shading on a piece of white paper.

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