What a happy group they are, and beautifully painted, Seok!

This is a lovely picture Seok, how long did it take you to paint? All those patterns and checks, I think I might have put them in plain T-shirts, and called it Artistic Licence!

Very nice work. Skilful and warm

What a lovely family scene. Gorgeous watercolour indeed!

I may be wrong but I don't recall seeing any portraits from you so far. If so, it has been my loss as seeing this wonderful portrait makes me want to see more and more from you. It has such a lovely sentiment to it and you have done an excellent job with all three figures (quite a challenge in itself). A lady of many talents!

Seok Yam, this is a hard piece to do. I am impressed that you are doing a great job... Happy painting.

They are all right: you can paint anything you like, it is always beautifully done.

Thank you so much, everyone! I am very encouraged by your comments. Brenda, actually, the clothing turned out to be the least of my problems, even though I did think of painting plain t-shirts and calling it artistic licence! It was merely layering the colors one on top of the other and took me about 15 minutes for each outfit. I struggled for days with their faces though! Thea, you are absolutely right, you haven't seen any watercolor portraits from me, simply because I really dread doing portraits. This is my first, and it was really tough! I have done a couple in oils as well, but only because everyone keeps telling me it will help me improve my painting, I have yet to find my feet, which is why I still hate doing it!

What a lovely happy family. Well done Seok; skin tones are not easy in watercolour. The clothing is great; yes I agree that's the easier bit; that splash of red/orange really draws you into the centre of the group.

What a charming family painting - a happy picture. I like it a lot.

What a charming family painting - a happy picture. I like it a lot.

Thank you very much, Diana and Helen!

Marvellous work, each face has individual character so very well done!

Just catching up on what I have missed in the gallery these last few days and found this little gem of a painting. You are so good at everything you paint I am envious.

Thank you very much, Lesley and Val!

A lovely group. They look so happy and you have captured that so well.

Like Val I am catching up on what little gems I have missed this past week, This is a lovely feel good painting, marvellous work.

Thank you very much, Judith and William! You are all very kind.

Thanks for your congratulations. I am so surprised that painting made top ten. It has problems which continue to bug me. I am not against using white colour. I think that I just need to have more understanding of various types of whites and how to shade them.

Absolutely gorgeous, full of love and fun. I can tell that you enjoyed painting the picture very much.

Beautiful family portrait! Very difficult to do!

Thank you very much, Sarah and Geraldine! Geraldine, you are absolutely right - it was a horrible process, getting the resemblance! But I think I reached a reasonably good semblance of all three of them, so I'm glad went through the effort. I won't be doing another portrait for a while though!

What an amazing gallery you have Seok. You seem to have mastered all mediums. This is a beautiful family group which I'm sure will be treasured.

Thank you very much, Julia! I very much appreciate your kind comment.

Hello seok, just to thank you for your kind and constant remarks on my stuff - and to return the compliment. I envy your exquisite restraint and control when I splash away with abandon, always on the edge of artistic disaster! All the best.

Thank you very much, Kim! I truly admire your ability to splash away with abandon and to come up with all that wonderful artwork!

Thank you very much, Kay!

This is beautifully painted. Thank you so much for your comment.

Thank you very much, Benita!

Thank you for all your lovely comments seok!!! always enjoy to see your work...though i am not on here very often at the moment. angi

`hi seok, how are you, just looking at your recent work and its lovely. Thank you for commenting on my work seok, and im looking forward to seeing more of your paintings:)

Such a tranquil domestic image Seok, one that will bring so much more pleasure in years to come than a simply photograph could ever capture. You've depicted the intimacy and affection perfectly. Thanks for you continuing support!

A lovely family group painting Seok. Thanks also for your kind words in my gallery, enjoying looking at yours.

Lovely watercolour Seok, really well painted. good composition of the group in the picture.

Thanks very much, Peter!

Didn't notice this one when I've looked through your portfolio before. This is really lovely.. I'm sure your cousin loves it. I've never been brave enough to attempt a family group... maybe i'll try sometime soon. :)

Thank you very much, Ellie!

This is lovely Seok, you have handled this so well....envious of watercolourists! A gorgeous portrait, they must have been pleased with it! :) Pat

Hello Seok, belated thanks for your generous comments to some of my paintings. I see you're a reluctant portraitist yourself: a pastime for masochists! But potentially soooo rewarding...

Seok, this lovely painting has somehow been hiding from my eyes. There is so many postings all the time that I get lost so I searched for you and found this. Everything works well and the little family looks so happy. You are a genius to be able to paint faces like that and in watercolour! Thank you for always commenting on my paintings Seok, it's so encouraging. Satu

Thank you very much, Kim and Satu!

Well done with this one. I have been trying to capture my wife in watercolours many times but she never likes the result. Thank you for inspiring me to do better next time!

Well done with this one. I have been trying to capture my wife in watercolours many times but she never likes the result. Thank you for inspiring me to do better next time!

Lovely family group :)

A stunning portrait - looking forward to seeing more as I too did my first portrait drawing workshop yesterday and really loved drawing the head - we just did ovals from all the different angles then did one pose in oils in the afternoon but it was so difficult so I think you have done a brilliant job to do the full figures as well as the faces and they are such a happy group. Looking forward to seeing more from you and yes it is easier in oils but I too want to get back to watercolours as they glow when done properly !

I am glad you are back Seok and not so inundated with paperwork :-) thank you for your lovely encouraging comments on my paintings :-) Hopefully you will have time to paint and upload them so we can see them :-)

Seok, welcome back and thank you for your comment on my Tiger

Excellent work ,beautifully done Seok

Wow Seok, this is gorgeous work, what a lovely family captured so beautifully by you here in watercolour, great that you have done the full figure views of them as well, great use of colour! Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my pastel portrait of the late David Frost, delighted you feel that I have caught a good likeness of him, I really wanted to show that expression on his face that is known by so many people of him in mid interview with his mouth slightly open ready to interject with some question or point, bye for now x

Thanks very much, Ros!

Hi Seok, thanks so much for your lovely comment of my latest dog pastel portrait, delighted you think I have made a good job of it! xx

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