Metamorphose ( Bits and Bobs final)

Metamorphose ( Bits and Bobs final)

It's got a winding down feel to it after the previous works. On to pastures new Satu?

Satu you do great work another diamond

Love the background textures Satu, an interesting compilation.

I do like this, Satu, it feels nicely balanced and quite relaxing to look at with just those spots of red to add contrast.

Very arty Satu one of your best I think in this style , you do many different styles though but I like them all .

Many thanks to all of you Marjorie, Dennis, Carole, Jenny, Dennis and Ivan for your lovely comments! Next term we are launching ourselves into landscape with a twist. By we I mean the new group which joined last September.

And what interesting shapes they are Satu, just enough and balanced perfectly.

One of the problems with commenting on an artists work which you admire is that you can run out of something new to say - well I just love your abstracts and can't think of anything original except to say that I love your abstracts - oops - I've already said that... Anyway = joking aside another winner Satu

Yes whatever is in or out since your working on this, it works beautifully Satu

Love the scraped back look to this, very impressive work Satu.

Many many thanks Alan, Michael, Derek and Andre for your kind comments, always there to encourage me.

I&#39;ve enjoyed this journey with you Satu and from your first workings on this theme, it&#39;s turned into something very sophisticated. <br />Have you enjoyed the challenges that your new group has brought you? I have the last of this terms sessions next week....don&#39;t know what I&#39;m going to do until mid- January!!!

Thank you Fiona very much for your comment and yes, I have enjoyed the journey and learnt a lot too. The tutor is very passionate about abstracts and has been able to explain about the different methods. Abstraction is not easy at all and not everybody&#39;s cup of tea. Let&#39;s see what the Landscape project will bring! I hope that you&#39;ll start something exciting too.

I&#39;m having the same problem as Michael now re comments on your work. :) I will add though that all those shapes are so well positioned and make for a super abstract Satu!

Thank you very much Louise for commenting. I think we all have the same problem now and then but what is important is that we show and share our support to each other. Very often one word is enough. Ivan uses &quot; Goodie &quot; for all my work that he thinks is good enough to comment and I do the same for his work. Of course it&#39;s lovely to have long comments but people are busy and there&#39;s so many paintings too. <br />Great to be in this community with such a lovely bunch of friends!

Another winner Satu!

I&#39;ve really enjoyed your abstracts Satu and they and the work of other POL artists painting in this style have filled me with enthusiasm although I haven&#39;t managed to produce anything nearly so good myself! Look forward to seeing your landscapes next year.

Thank you ever so much Sarah and Christine!

Nearly missed this lovely piece Satu. Just catching up with the gallery after a bout of &#39;flu. I love the vibrant red patches which nicely balance the weight of the black circles. It looks like you have been having fun!

Thank you very much Julie for your kind comment. I hope that you are well again and ready to start Xmas preparations.

Wouldn&#39;t have known anything missing. I agree with Michael.

Hang on Studio Wall

Here is the final version of the theme and nearly everything has been lost in transit. I have added texture but kept only a few of the original shapes.

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