Another stunner Satu. It exudes cold and atmosphere, just a ghost of light stroking the landscape. So accomplishd.

So very well accomplished indeed Satu, a touch of brilliance I think.

Ooooh I love this!!!<br />Diana

I like them dark the white is brilliant Satu terrific

Very atmospheric, Satu.

Yes - another winner Satu

Strong and powerful Satu. The contrasts are stunning.

Just the odd hint of raw umber makes it for me, very atmospheric with a sense of solitude not just cold.Excellent work again Satu.

Limited but effective palette makes thia smashing.

Thank you again so much Sharon, Alan, Diana, Dennis, Cesare, Michael, Sarah, Ivan, Andre and Derek for your lovely comments! I do appreciate them a lot.

I don&#39;t know what draws me to limited palette paintings, either using one myself or viewing beauties like this Satu. In the right hands (like yours) they are strikingly beautiful!

I love it Satu :)

I think your Finnish heritage is showing itself in these darker limited palette paintings Satu, certainly very evocative of long days with little sunlight. Extremely atmospheric and thought provoking!

Very foreboding scene Satu, full of mystery, brilliant work.

Another beautiful art work Satu.

Many many thanks Fiona, Maria, Christine, Carole and Val for your your most generous and kind comments!

Moody and atmospheric Satu. Smashing!

Thank you Louise, very kind!

This is so dramatic! I miss snow and ice...

Thank you Jenny! I&#39;m going to Helsinki next week but no hope for anything like this.

This series of &#39;mood&#39; landscapes has another magical addition.

Hang on Studio Wall

Very limited palette. Black, Raw Umber, Unbleached Titanium. The photo has made it lighter, it's much darker on the board.

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