Who am I ?

Who am I ?

I think he looks a bit like Jean Claude Junkter altho he never smiles in real life lol so I'm not sure it is him now 🤦‍♀️

Don't know who it is, but it is a nice drawing :)

A fun drawing, Satu - I don't know who is but having googled his flag - a Bulgarian politician?

His first name starts with an S.

after some more googling ?Sergei Stanishev

It’s Silvio Berlusconi, thank you Jennifer, Mia and Margaret. He doesn’t smile very often either but now he’s planning to come back so worth giving a smile.

I got misled by the flag! I had to google him Silvio Berlusconi to remind me what he looks like - you have got him spot on!

Thank you very much Margaret

Thank you Dennis and Carole.

I always love seeing your 'guess who's Satu and this one is so good. I think like me, trying oneliners has influenced your drawing technique and this is an absolutely super drawing.

Thank you very much Louise. What really amazes me is how accurate these oneliners can be. I did one yesterday but had a couple of glances to see where I was going and the result was far from good. Just keep your eye on the photo and let your pen do the rest. Upside down of course!

The thing is Satu, I don't know about you, but I've found that my way of drawing has definitely changed since I tried out the oneliner technique. Instead of trying to draw carefully, getting my lines vertical and using a rubber too much to rub out the dodgy lines, I now seem to just go straight in with a bold line and not worry whether I'm actually drawing accurately what's in front of me. I much prefer the result now. Drawings are much more lively and certainly not boring! All thanks to the oneline technique which I'm so pleased I discovered here.

Exactly my thoughts Louise! I must say that I don’t draw often at all because I prefer painting and never draw before but go straight ahead with a brush. For the same reason really.

Even with paint, I'd try to be a bit careful especially with verticals and I'd have to use a pencil line if trying portraits. Not any more though. It's that sort of carefree feeling that the oneline gives me whether with pen or paint. Interesting how styles of working change and so they should. I get bored easily..lol

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