I think this works really well. With the gentlemans hat, I thought it might have been a wartime scene with all the images on TV about the Great War. Sometimes, as here, a B/W image seems more powerful than a colour one.

I thought that they'd look good blocked in with paint and this looks great, especially the slim, shapely legs...LOL. The squiggly pen mark at the end of the man's arm actually looks like his glasses and the lady has a boot lace, amazing!!!

This has worked really well Satu, isn't it surprising where this one line drawing is taking us?

Works really well Satu !

Very effective image Satu.

Actually very poignant drawing and I'm amazed that it is a one liner. It definitely makes me feel as if it is a serviceman in one if the World Wars standing with his family - perhaps before he goes away to war or this is his return?

Thank you very much Stephen,Louise, Christine, Debs and Fiona! Stephen, you are quite right, this is a family ready to emigrate to USA after the war. Fiona, why don't you try an one liner too?

Thank you very much Thea and Glennis!

Very effective. I was reminded a littel we of the geli prints, or vignettes (I think they are called).

Hang on Studio Wall

This was an one-liner but I thought of filling in the shapes completely to see what happens.

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