Humble Bumble

Humble Bumble No WM

This is superb Sarah, you have an amazing skill 👏

Delightful, and superb painting Sarah.

Beautifully painted Sarah

Thank you so much Stephen, Tessa and Russell, your comments are very much appreciated and have given me the impetus to paint more bees! x

Wonderful Sarah, such meticulous eye for detail and the way you have painted those moving wings is particularly good

Incredible Sarah. The detail is so beautiful and your ability to create such a magnificent image is breathtaking.


Yet another great painting. So lifelike

I love it! Looks absolutely amazing! So much detail! A beautiful painting!

Beautiful work Sarah

Sarah, this is the best painting I’ve ever seen of a bumblebee, it’s stunning.

Hang on Studio Wall

My tiny little bee painting is finished. These gorgeous little creatures go about their business, pollinating vital crops for us and I felt that it was time they had a little shout out. So here is the 'Humble Bumble'.....painted because.....well....I just felt like it! Oil on board, 8 x 8"

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