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Otter No WM

WOW...truly amazing. The detail and realism is stunning. Great painting Sarah.

Thank you Alan....I enjoyed this one so much! Although those whiskers proved a bit of a challenge! :-)

So beautifully done Sarah. The detail of the fur nd the sparkle in the otter's eyes give it incredible life.

Thanks Mark, they always seem so alert and watchful so really wanted to capture that.

What a beautiful painting of a beautiful little face. Otters are adorable

Stunning oil painting.

Really amazing artwork, well done 👍

A stunning portrait with exquisite detail Sarah.

Fantastic painting, Sarah. You have really captured the essence of him. Wonderful eyes and nose, not to mention his whiskers. Superb work!

Want a title? How about 'Sarah Eden's Work of Genius'? It's a perfect study of an otter, and while I see you're not sure it's finished - I'd be delighted with it if I'd painted it, and wouldn't want to add a single further brush-stroke.

It's absolutely stunning, don't know how you do it!

Great painting- time spent on the whiskers well worth it

Hang on Studio Wall

I'm not completely sure that this is finished but in any case I couldn't wait to share. I have wanted to paint this beautiful little otter for so long and I finally got around to doing it. The reference image was taken by the hugely talented wildlife photographer, Steve Owen who kindly gave his permission for me to turn it into an oil painting. Oil on board, 12 x 14"

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