Looks like a character, the name does not seem to go with her appearance!

Difficult indeed Sarah, and what a superb job you've done on them, a little gem.

Gorgeous painting!!

A wonderful painting Sarah. The eyes and fur are superb.<br />

Fantastic painting, Olives eyes are wonderfully reflective and that wrinkly muzzle is superb Sarah.

Ah thanks everyone….does you good to get such support and encouragement! X

I knew a pug called Olive .... doubt if it&#39;s the same one....<br /><br />Anyway - this is brilliantly done, and you&#39;ve conveyed the look of these dogs, that incredibly anxious appearance as if they&#39;ve done something awful and fear they&#39;re about to be found out.... I can well believe you found it difficult, but you have triumphantly succeeded.

very expressive.

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Close up portrait of a pug, oil on panel 12 x 12". These are without doubt the most challenging eyes I have painted to date!

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