Snowing in the village


I'm no watercolour specialist, Romila, but this looks fabulous. The limited palette works a treat, in my opinion, and that bike is the bees knees. Super winter scene. Bri

Stop looking at it for a day then go back to it and you’ll see the beauty in it. I think this is fabulous. Snowy scenes can be most difficult in watercolour but this is very well depicted.

A very pretty scene indeed.

Excellent watercolour, really depicts a cold snowy day.

Lovely work, Romila - it really looks so cold and icy! Lovely old buildings and lamp-posts too and the bike is great.

That’s so luvvvely Romila. Brilliant for a Christmas card.

Thank you so much for all your beautiful comments, given me some reassurance. Good idea Jacqueline, will follow your advice. I am my worst critique. You can have it for the Christmas card Carole 😊

Nothing wrong with it, Romila, it is great. Beautiful scenery with lots of depth in it because of the bycicle in the foreground. Super limited colour palette!

Very nice snow scene, feel the cold.

You limited pallet is, for me, what makes this such a wonderful painting! I plan on using THIS painting for inspiration!! NOT the scene, just the technique! Thank you for a wonderful inspiring piece of art

This is very good and I'd be very pleased if I was you ... that bike in the foreground is particularly good

No advice needed Romila, just praise and admiration for a beautifully painted scene.

This is clever Romila, the bike is really hard to do, good perspective.

I’m sure it’s probably already been said Romila but this would make the basis of a great Christmas card.

Lovely. That bike is just waiting to be brushed off and ridden home!

Beautifully done in composition and colour, perfection Romila!

This is a super painting.I love the colours and composition.Really great.

Thank you so much for beautiful comments. Much appreciated

Hang on Studio Wall

Another winter scene in watercolour. Could have done better. Used limited palette. Was lost after a while. Any comments and advice appreciated.

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